The X-Files, Part Trois

Sitting watching season four of the X-Files. As the snow drifts to the ground outside.

I used to know every episode by name. People think I’m a Trekker or Star Wars fanatic…but no…I was an X-Phile. This is the only show that I saw every episode, in order during it’s original run…well, that lasted more than one season.

So here is good old William B. Davis and Mitch Pileggi walking down a Vancouver street…of course it is subbing as Washington, and those two would be better known as Cancer Man and Assistant Director Skinner.

Pileggi, thanks to this show, became one of my favourite actors. Previous to this, he played the typical Italian mafia goon…example would be his appearance in Eddie Murphy’s Vampire in Brooklyn.

My fav X-File scene actually came in the second film, I Want to Believe. Mulder and Scully are called back in to help the FBI catch what they think is a serial killer…and on first arriving back at FBI headquarters, the two are asked to wait in the hall. As they scan the hallway, that familiar X-File whistle comes up in the music as the both stare at a portrait of good ole’ Dubya.

Now, I haven’t heard talk of a third film since right around the time of the second film’s release. Duchovny was saying that he would like to do another.

The first film, Fight the Future, wasn’t bad…not great, but wasn’t bad. It was nice to see Mulder and Scully hit the big screen. The story was alright, but it didn’t work for those who didn’t watch the show regularly.

The second film, I Want to Believe, was a disappointment as a film. Had it been a TV episode, it would have been outstanding. The mistake this film made was that, unlike the first one, it took a serious step away from the old story arcs. It was more a stand alone story that wasn’t bad…but with the X-Files, one would come to expect aliens or ghosts.

I am not convinced that we’ll see a third. Duchovny has moved on to a successful run playing Hank Moody in Californication…I character I once referred to as simply Mulder were he a womanizer. Gillian Anderson has shown up in a film here and there…and even did a stint on the London stage. Last I heard, she had a new bambino. I’ve no idea what creator, Chris Carter is up to.

I still think that, with the right story, the truth is out there…and I even want to believe…but we’ll have to wait and see.

Funny, I complain about how we have all become paranoid in these days. Sometimes I do wonder if the X-Files started us, or perhaps encouraged us to stay on that path.

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