Chuck vs. a Hero

“Look at what’s happened to me
I can’t believe it myself
Suddenly I’m up on top of the world
Should’ve been somebody else…”
– Believe it Or Not, Theme From ‘Greatest American Hero (likely written by Mike Post, but not sure and I have forgotten who actually sang it)

Just sitting with my youngest watching old episodes of this show that I grew up with. Circa early 80s…everything cold war cliche…hard boiled feds…find the suit, lose the instruction book. Still my favourite bit watching old Ralph Hinkley in his red pajamas and cape…emblem on his chest was found when one of the creators of the show walked in carrying a pair of scissors.

It crossed my mind that this show would be ripe for a reimaging…they’ve tried to bring back so many shows and I’d be surprised if they don’t try this one. Some have succeeded…like Battlestar Galactica…and most have failed…take the Bionic Woman, Knight Rider, and even The Love Boat.

…but maybe they already have. This show screams at me one word that might make people Buy More…CHUCK.

Here we have the unsuspecting citizen with abilities thrust upon him that he didn’t ask for…and that the user really doesn’t know how to handle. Said user is partnered with experts from the federal ranks while he tries to keep his ‘real’ job with regulars who have no idea what he can do.

So, here’s the problem…Chuck has barely tread water to survive. Season one was given some leeway due to the big writer’s strike in 2008. Last season, and this season, the show was initially only signed to do half seasons…then it did well enough to get bumped up last year to a full season…not sure on this year.

Chuck, in season one and two, was cute and quirky. A decent action show with a great sense of humour. The last two seasons, I assume in an attempt to find a more mainstream audience, has gotten away from the quirkiness and humour. They’re still there, just not like they once were.

I suppose that, back to my initial idea, if they brought back The Greatest American Hero…with good writing and actors, maybe it would stand up better.

I just hope, if they do put the cape and suit back on, they haven’t lost the instruction book.

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