Didn’t want to get up this morning…the doberman finally got me moving with his incessant whining…haven’t quite got him trained to feed himself, yet.

Call it a hunch but today will be the last day of double digit temps for awhile…ten degree swing (in Celsius) just on the highs between today and tomorrow and they’re calling for only about 3 C tomorrow.  The fall is at that point where it has officially become dull…not in the boredom, hum drum sort of way…more in the rainy, overcast and yuck kind of way.

BRING ON THE SNOW!  And no more of this pansy shit dusting that is here in the morning and gone by mid afternoon.  I want a good 5 or 10 cms.  The type that you actually have to kick your boots off before getting in the car type.

The type of weather where enjoying someone else’s body heat is not simply a luxury, but a necessity.  The type of weather where you can make a snow angel in the morning and it is gone by mid afternoon.

The type of weather that cleans up the mess we’ve created…at least for a little while.  Out of sight, out of mind may be a delusion, but snow does a damned fine job of hiding the garbage we drop on the ground.  This weather also tends to freshen up the air as it seems to release more of the pollution rather than the summer humidity holding it in.  It creates rosy cheeks that makes everyone look happy from a distance and, with every steamy breath, it gives the illusion of thoughts and words rising up to the stars that will be received by some distant aliens and jotted down in their big book.

I will admit that when March rolls around, I have usually had enough snow.  By then, like everything else humanity touches, it has turned to shit…brown slush that we have to dry off the boots from and messes with the pant legs.

However, June 1st will follow and, once again, as per usual I will start longing for the white stuff…if not, before.


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