Nice Beaver!

As I lay here under my covers watching the light come up outside, one thought has occurred to me.

“It’s too fucking cold!”

Being who I am, and where I live…this thought shames me.

This country’s national animal is a beaver…a majestic animal that is a hard worker…and yes, I’m about to run with this a direction that does not include damn building…

I feel as though I’m standing beneath the ladder as the goddess is above…I gaze up and say “Nice beaver” just before she hands me down the stuffed trophy. I’ve really been on a Naked Gun reference too often lately.

Then again, Leslie Nielson is Canadian…and I wonder if Ms. Presley’s beaver was as nice as he claimed. If nothing else, Elvis had good taste in how a goddess looks…however, there is the Scientology question…but I bashed religion in a post yesterday and want to wait until it tries to get up before I do that again.

The point being…sex is everywhere, isn’t it? From the clothing advert at the bus stop, to the little bit of cleavage shown by the bar maid. From the fireman calendar to the way Homer seduces Marge.

Yet we have those that still throw up their hands at the littlest things yelling about perversion and “we must think of the children!” Odds are the children are already experimenting in the classroom when the teacher ducks out for a smoke…they’re just another brick in the wall, anyway.

Now, for those of you that thought I was going to take this a more racy direction…and wanted that…check back this aft. Think I have a good one in my drafts.

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