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“Earth that was could no longer sustain our numbers…we were so many…” – Teacher, Serenity

I’ve decided to share a few of my favourites. Over the past five years I’ve shared tidbits, but now something more direct.

Tonight, I’m going to take you all back in time. To a time when I still watched regular television.

A Friday evening in late September, 2002. Joss Whedon’s newest show, Firefly debuted that evening. A show about a little transport ship crossing the Verse looking for work. Captain Malcolm Reynolds and the eight other crew on the good ship Serenity, Firefly Class.

At the time, Firefly was one of the best written shows no one watched. As no one watched, they did thirteen episodes before it was cancelled. A space based show down with old west overtones in music, dress and even speech. Even now, I’d compare it to the great reimaging of Battlestar Galactica…Firefly was Galactica with a sense of humour.

Follow this up with a feature film, Serenity. An excellent, yet unfortunate end to this galaxy. Similar to the television version, the movie sucked wind at the box office. Also similar to TV’s Firefly, sales took off with the release on DVD.

Serenity, the film is every bit as good as the TV series…however, where it falls is that it will lose a viewer who has not seen any of the Firefly series.

Just a brief addition…I have not watched regular TV shows (save Chuck on a Monday nights with my daughters) since they cancelled this. At first, I stopped watching out of protest…but then I could no longer be bothered…now, I no longer can being I don’t have cable.

I have watched the remake of Galactica, as mentioned…but unlike Firefly or, say The X-Files, never saw a single episode of Galactica on scheduled television…DVD only.

“Shiny. Let’s be bad guys.”
– Jayne Cobb, Serenity

“If you want to finish my sentences, you have to let me start them.” – Joss Whedon…no reason…just love this quote.

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