Tradition Burns While O’Donnell Fiddles

Tradition is a wonderful thing.

It provides us with that comfy pillow. Something we know. Something we understand.

It gives us an excuse to do something stupid (ie: running with the bulls). It gives us an excuse to be racist (ie: the Washington Redskins). It gives us an excuse to feel good about doing something meaningless (ie: prayer).

I know parents love to use it for guilt…”We’ve always gone to church, why don’t you?”

It gives us an excuse not to decide who to vote for.

If gives us a reason to accept the status quo…and things told at face value.

Based on a few of these concepts, perhaps tradition should be outlawed. Without tradition, slavery in North America would have been gone even earlier…the Buffalo Bills would have won Super Bowl XXVI…and I would not have had to sit through a really bad local theatre group massacring Fiddler On The Roof.

Other than the Buffalo Bill thing, not bad at all. However, if the X-Files taught me nothing else…the Buffalo Bills will not win the Super Bowl in my lifetime.

Really, tradition falls to that old argument of entitlement. Peoples wants that things don’t change. Then, because they get their way, and don’t see the change others claim is there…they can play the Christine O’Donnell card and use that as an argument against the theory of evolution.

The theory of Christine O’Donnell’s intelligence is truly one of mankind’s great mysteries. Tradition states we should open up her head to study so that we can avoid returning to silly traditional values she worshiped…like racism and slavery and freedom for Anglo-Saxon Christians over all others.

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