Pink Floyd…C-Lebrity

Funny…I post one of my most erotic posts, so far (see my one earlier today called Cold Fire if you’re interested) and no one has read it…and by ‘no one’ I mean only four when I’m writing this one.

Just proving to me how timing is everything and how posting something at 9:30-ish AM EST doesn’t get the volume that something I post at 6:30 or 7pm EST does.

EST…hmmm…Eastern Standard Time…Early Sex Today…I like the latter better.

Sitting listening to Pink Floyd doing a live version of Take it Back…wonderful song about how we have too much ego to apologize for our errors after the fact.  How we all fuck up and move on and forget that, sometimes, we need to look back and say we made that error before someone else we may have inadvertently damaged can also move on.

Like the 12 step program from groups like AA that require that those participating go back and acknowledge their error…apologize to those they may have hurt.

We all make errors…I know I have…and I will make more.

Luckily, with the amount of writing I do, I know I have two that are not only willing to point out the errors I make, but make up a few fictional one’s as well.  Well…fictional only in that not all see the same actions as errors…but I don’t want to talk about fictions at the moment.  Well, at least not fictions that are not along a positive direction…

Pink Floyd is one of those bands that makes me smile.  They do tend to be a bit more, shall we say, downbeat compared to the likes of Genesis, Chicago or even Rush (who is and shall remain my personal fav and patriotic pride being I’m a fellow Canuck).

Floyd, to me, has always been the musical equivalent to Douglas Adams…and, that is likely because there is a concrete connection there.  Adams was openly a fan of the band and even got to perform on stage with them at least once.

When I first started listening to what would be termed as ‘pop’ music in the 80s, I turned off quickly of the non-musicians…at first, caught on to Chicago and Howard Jones.  Early on, I found Pink Floyd a bit boring…mostly as, when I was 15 or 16, they were above my head.  I did not really understand their music.

A university project on the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and a bit of research on Douglas Adams in 1990, however…and that mis-understanding was quickly corrected.  I understood Adams on such a personal level for me that when I saw his mentions of Floyd, I had to give them another shot.

I find it funny, sometimes, that much as I appreciate the great bands like the Beatles or the Rolling Stones…neither one would crack my ‘top five’.  Were I forced to rank them, Genesis would rule that…Rush would be second with, oddly enough, the Genesis off shoot of Peter Gabriel  at third…with Chicago and Pink Floyd rounding out the group…

Perhaps I’m strange in this sense…perhaps it is simply that I grew up on the music of these bands as opposed to those generally accepted as the greatest…

I was actually discussing music with a colleague just yesterday and discussed how Genesis and Rush, if the opportunity presented itself, are the only bands I would consider ever going to see perform live at this point…odd, but the threshold of 40 seems to have cut off my need for live music.

I could list off a ton of other acts that I have listened to and enjoyed over the years…Billy Joel, Harry Connick Jr., Queen, Springsteen, Kim Mitchell, Lawrence Gowan, Starship (aka Jefferson Starship and Jefferson Airplane), Robert Palmer, Howard Jones, etc…I could argue that, for awhile, Howard Jones was my favourite…but even he has lost a step.  I guess it comes down to the fact that each one of these musicians…groups…peaks at some point and we just remember the good tunes.

The personal gossip…I mean, I have a personal connection that makes me aware of stories I could tell about Phil Collins…but why?  What good would that do?  The guy is a great showman…that’s all I need to remember as the rest doesn’t make me toast in the morning.

Ain’t got no hope
Got no idea
What to do
Or why I’m here
Wanna get my face
On your TV
I wanna be heard
I want to be seen

Ain’t got nothin’
Nothin’ to show
Make me a c-lebrity

Queen + Paul Rodgers, C-lebrity

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