Evening at the Theatre

First off, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat…not bad…but it wasn’t Tommy, nor Les Mis. I am not a Lloyd-Webber fan anyway, but this might be the best of his that I’ve seen.

Admittedly, it may help that I was watching a little eleven year old face on the stage…a face that still calls me ‘daddy’ even though I have tried and tried to get her to cut it down to just ‘dad’.

It was a great evening…until her mother ruined it when my parents dropped my daughter at home. Apparently us having ten minutes with my daughter and my father stopping for gas was enough to make her mother ‘panic’. A little reminder tonight as to why I am not with the woman…getting into nine years since that split.

I once referred to her controlling tactics as neandarthal…and I thought she had shown signs of evolving. After hearing my mother on the phone a few minutes ago, in tears, I’m not so sure.

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