Union Dismissal

This morning, I was discussing my dislike of unions.  I actually posted a Tweet about how union is a four letter word…with a fifth letter making triple time OT and on a smoke break.

Oddly enough, the person discussing it with me struck me as pro union and the minute I mentioned the National Football League as the perfect example of a union with too much power…she claimed my argument silly and dismissed me for knowing nothing.

First, I would love to have her tell the players of the NFL that their union doesn’t matter…I would enjoy taking pictures of that little exchange as she was politely explained to about how serious of a union they thought it was.

It was, however, the perfect example of a pendulum swung too far in the union’s favour…too much power.  Dare I say that all pro-sports unions show that…I could even say that of the four major North American sports leagues, the NFL’s is the weakest and yet makes the most money.

Unions once had their place.  In some cases, they still do, but in most modern countries labour laws have made them a bit of a dinosaur.  Initially, they were meant to help the working force from being stepped on by the rich…helping the working stiff with a hand up to feed his family and get something from his hard work.  They were started to help the little guy…but then there was a problem…

Unions became big business.

I can give another professional sports reference here, but not quite the same as those I have used…The Toronto Maple Leafs, one of the world’s best known hockey franchises, is partially owned by the pension funds of one of the teachers’ unions in Ontario.  Considering how much money that team makes without winning anything, tell me again that this union is just helping the little guy?

This is the problem with extremism on things…the left-wing moves right…the right-wing moves left…and even so, neither can meet in the middle…although the Red Wings do very well, thank you.

People will pick their side and anyone questioning them is seen as fascist…a racist…a moron.

I know I have said this before, but my political views are a bit odd.  In Canada, I am right of centre economically (take the religious out of this argument…I’m not in a fucking mood to deal with their imaginary friends right now)…but by American standards, I would be seen as communist.  Everything is relative.

This woman who dismissed my argument has no idea what real liberalism is about…come to Canada, and we’ll show you…or, better yet, go to China and then those Americans claiming to be Liberal may get a taste of how they are still well right of centre on the world political scale.

I know he never said this, but were Yoda to speak of it, I suspect he would put it like this…

Progressive leads to comfort…comfort to sloth…sloth to hatred and the dark side…

Normally, I like to pick on the right wing blowhards like Rush Limbaugh and Anne Coulter, but today I feel like aiming at the left-wing a bit…well, left wing by North American standards.

Again, forget the fact that North American politics still takes religion seriously while claiming, through the other side of its mouth, to keep state and church separate…American still has “In God we trust” proudly printed on its dollar bill for fuck sake…

The right-wing, the conservatives, economically believe in small government and things like Reaganomics…aka trickle down theory or supply side economics.  Lower taxes and business will expand causing more money to filter down to the employees.  If we could take corruption and greed out of the equation, a pretty good theory in my book.

The left-wing, the liberals, see big government as the way to go.  Controlling certain businesses and such as well as charging higher taxes in an effort to help those that cannot help themselves.  Same answer for me here…take out corruption and greed and it could work.

I believe that eight years of George Bush has shown what right-wing control can do.  It starts wars over things like oil that is half a world away while ignoring the stuff that is closer…it out sources jobs to offshore slaves as the local people are too expensive for a labour force (remember my union argument).

The left-wing is something that has almost brought the EU to its collective knees.  Back to said American Liberal who was dismissing me earlier…her premise was that the entire world was taken into recession by Clinton’s bank deregulations…now, seems to me, the world’s banks are in Zürich, not on Wall Street…and, also, the current EU problems are debts that have come due to social safety nets that countries like Greece, Ireland, Spain and the UK can no longer afford to fund.

The left-wing problem is this…in its attempt to help it loses sight of the difference between those that cannot help themselves…and those who will not help themselves.  Although, I am sure that those who will not could be said to have psychological mommy issues or some other reason…and we really should help them, anyway *rolls eyes*

I heard it said on the radio the other day that a one-winged bird will go into a downward spiral and die on the pavement…likely government funded paving project, so perhaps it might miss.  Suffice to say, we need both wings to take responsibility.  The conservative movement needs to take responsibility by admitting that we must help those that cannot help themselves.  The liberals, however, also need to take responsibility by admitting that a hard-working entrepreneur needs to be rewarded for their successes.

…and those that will not need to take responsibility for themselves and get off their asses.

Blame is not something we can hang on our parents any longer.  We can no longer hang this blame sign on founding fathers that had no idea what we would be dealing with centuries after they were gone.

We need to accept the responsibility…and the blame…ourselves…or we will stagnate and one day aliens will find Jon Stewart’s book and use it as a text of how we could not survive.

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