Christmas Trees

Spent a day working in the parking lot at a Christmas tree farm today.

In essence, parking cars and avoiding grid lock as best we can. By ‘we’ there were five of us spread across three parking lots (aka lawns) at the farm.

Only got sworn at once as I had a yahoo decide that I shouldn’t tap his fucking car…too which I responded, with all due respect, had he checked his mirrors I would not have had to.

An interesting expose, that is for certain. You can tell the city-folk in that they always forget something…saw…perhaps twine…gloves. Plus a few who have an attitude about those they see as country bumpkins, like said buddy who is anti-mirror.

Then there are the country folk. They might drive a truck or SUV, but it isn’t over sized. They might not bring a saw, but they know the farm owner and where to get one without asking the transplanted city boy that I am. Plus each one, as they drive off the lot wave and smile.

You might say it became a reminder as to why I have moved out of the city. Been living the rural life going on 14 months now….and other than the distance to my girls, I do regret any of it.

So I sit here, sore as hell and the dog keeping my feet warm, with Robert Palmer singing us to sleep.

“When I make my top 40
Smash hit rock n’ roll record
Everything is gonna be just fine…”

Just missing a goddess. But, beggars can’t be choosers, eh? I’m such a hoser.

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