Whoops…I Should Have Stayed Home

It’s beginning to look a lot like a snow in…but not today. We got a good dumping, but not that much.

I’m sitting here in my idling car waiting for things to melt. Have to give it a few minutes to get the oil going, but I’m also being lazy about brushing off…partially because I’m not sure where my brush is.

Besides, after two days at the Christmas tree farm, I don’t want to wear boots today. My ankles feel like the Doberman was gnawing on them all night.

I’m starting late this morning. Decided with this snow that I would wait until the traffic rush had ended…luckily, I only have a couple of afternoon appointments.

Confused by my Twitter friends this morning, but that’s hardly new. Between wishful thinking that I try to avoid and my nice guy tendencies, it isn’t hard to confuse signals online. Again, why I take nothing personal on there anymore.

Anyway, better get out and find this brush. I’ll be here for hours if I keep this up. O_o

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