Atheists Amongst Us

I finally got around to it.

With the flu I had been fighting, I have mentioned all the shows I have been drifting through. The last couple of days, now that I am off the sleepy drugs and getting my energy back, I am still having naps but listening to some audio books whilst laying down.

Today and yesterday, I have finally been working my way through Richard Dawkins’ “The God Delusion”.

Dawkins is a damned fine salesman. He is a believer that could easily convince the weak minded into believing in The Bible, the Qu’ran or gold filled pots at the end of rainbows. However, in this case I would call him the first atheist preacher that I have heard.

I am about half way through the thirteen hour recording, and he has yet to tell me anything I did not already know…well…perhaps one thing.

I have always said that I am no atheist…but that I was one who believed science had yet to figure everything out.

Based on what Dawkins says, I am atheist…just a spiritual atheist. One who does not trust the mumbo jumbo of big religion.

One thing I do not like about Dawkins is his discussions of Darwin almost as though his research were a scripture.

I, for one, do not believe Darwin got it all right…but unlike any sacred scripture, he is much closer than anyone else has come so far…or have they?

Ironic that I was turned onto Dawkins by my favourite author, Douglas Adams. Adams even claimed that he was ‘converted’ to radical atheism by Dawkins’ writings.

Adams also, jokingly, introduced me to a theory that I believe could be the case…that modern humans did not originate on Earth…but that is a discussion I need more research before I am ready to renew.

For now, Dawkins has convinced me that atheism and Paganism can co-exist. I have always seen my Paganism as more a reverence for nature than anything else…a lot of meditation, and even some exploration of Astral travel…but not truly a belief in a sentient creator.

If atheists need to battle anything, it is to stop people from force feeding religion upon young impressionable minds. We need to find away for humans to rise above this sheep mentality. For us to grow beyond the need to be spoon fed fairy tales in order to abate our fears of the unknown.

The problem is that the religious are not all weak minded. For this example, I use my Roman Catholic parents…neither is one I would refer to as weak minded, but both were brought under the Christian wing at a young age…and children have no defense for these teachings of fables.

A bit of a catch-22 when you consider that we value, as a society, free speech. As such, I do not have an answer as to how we can stop this stupidity.

For such an enlightened people, we are mired in the dark ages. Satan is not the evil we need fear…the men who made Satan up, however, they are the ones that concern me.

One little side thought as I close this…funny that Biblical names are not caught by spell check, but Darwin is.

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