My hybrid is cruising the dusk streets of Uxbridge, Ontario at the moment.

Before you ask, yes…it is illegal to text and drive in Ontario, but I am not texting…I am blogging, so deal with it.

Have just cleared the lights of town and heading for home. Awaiting me there is an evening with the girlfriend and the Doberman.

The clouds to the west are covering up the final sun rays of the day. The fields out here are now dark save for snow reflecting the passing car headlights.

Was in town for an oil change, of which I was in dire need of knowing that I am back to work Monday. Still on the road for now. Still with the same company. I so wish I could fire these bastards and get something else.

One more quick pit stop at the post office to check the mail and that’s it. Two more quiet evenings and one day left on a vacation that, thanks to the flu, has felt squandered. I had no big plans, but snoozing afternoons away while four seasons of X-File episodes squawked at me from the TV was definitely not what I had in mind at all.

I had visions of some serious writing…of which I did a little…some visits to the pub…notta chance…and a lot of hot, steamy sex…well, apparently even that was an overshot on the dream front this past week. Will have to make up for it sometime soon, though. Stir crazy does not begin to describe it.

For the record, I am now five from home, thumb typing at 60 wpm and have only run one car off the road…that I am aware of. One nice aspect of living on a regional highway is that, regardless of how much snow we have had over the past two days, my road is cleared early and often.

I still think the stories of snow dustings shutting down the UK…roughly half of what we currently have had in the last two days…well, they make me chuckle. Canada is good at three things…high tech (think Blackberry), hockey (Go Flames Go!), and snow removal.

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