Freeway Turn About

“Where are we going, boss?”

Cliff opened the van door for her and allowed the brunette Amazon to get in. She had a curvy gothic look with her black coat over top of a black sweater, skirt and nylons. Her black boots almost came up to the bottom of her skirt.

Cliff trundled through the wind and snow to the driver side and got in.

“Wait…” Heather paused and pulled the lapel of his black over coat to reveal a navy shirt collar. “No red sweater? What the fuck.”

They both laughed as Cliff started the engine.

“I had thought of a movie, but with this storm I don’t want to keep you out too late.” Cliff put the van in reverse and slowly pulled out of his rooftop spot. Flipping to drive, he inched to the down ramp.

“It is a bit nasty, but I have nothing that turns into a pumpkin. Besides, it’s the weekend and can always sleep in tomorrow.”

Cliff nodded as he felt the tires gain traction on the, now covered pavement. “Then again, we could just go back to my place and fuck like bunnies.”

Heather’s hand covered her mouth and laughed. “You’re getting ballsy.”

The two laughed again as they descended five floors of the parkade.

Her left hand landed on his thigh as he pulled out into the dark snowy traffic.

“I didn’t say no.”

He felt the blood rush to his face as he quickly glanced at her.

“Um…well, I wasn’t…”

Her hand stroked him just once, and his erection jumped like a soldier. She found the zipper and slowly pulled it down. “You just watch the road.”

He felt her hand slip inside his waistband and grasp his erection.

“Mmm…feels warm,” she admired. “Guess I should have a look.”

Cliff braked slowly at a red light. A large delivery truck pulled up beside him.

Heather pulled his cock out through his zipper. “Nice”

Cliff glanced up at the truck. He was relieved that the driver was not visible.

Heather undid her seat belt and lowered herself so that her face was over his lap.

Looking the other way, Cliff saw a young man all bundled up in a black touque, red parka and striped red scarf. The young man’s eyes were wide and his black gloved right hand gave Cliff a thumbs up.

The light turned green and Cliff accelerated just as he felt Heather’s warm lips kiss the tip of his erection.

Her tongue circled it a few times and ran down the shaft before she took his entire length in her mouth.

Cliff gasped as wind rattled the van and his vision was almost completely blotted out by the snow whipping across the front. He inched up the street as the brunette’s head bobbed on his lap. He only watched using her peripheral vision, too afraid to take his eyes off the road.

Other than the sound of the engine, the windshield wipers and Heather’s sucking, the vehicle was quiet.

He pulled onto the on ramp of the highway.

Heather’s hand slipped into his underwear and squeezed his balls.

He gasped and accelerated.

The van rocketed up the snowy ramp and found an icy spot just as it reached the raised highway. The back end of the van fishtailed left and found traction where it fired towards the cement barrier.

Now at full speed, the van slammed into the cement barrier and collapsed the hood. The back end of the van flipped up with enough force to flip the vehicle lengthways sending it over top of the barrier and into mid air.

Cliff’s cock orgasmed in Heather’s mouth as the van started to fall the 20 metres from the highway…

Her left hand landed on his thigh as he pulled out into the dark snowy traffic.

“I didn’t say no.”

He felt the blood rush to his face as he quickly glanced at her.

“Um…well, I wasn’t…”

She laughed. “I’m teasing!”

He joined in her laughter. “I’m getting better.”

Her hand remained on his thigh as she answered, “Yes, you are. We’ll get you loosened up yet.”

Cliff turned on the van radio and, before he could flip to his mix disk he had made for tonight, Kenny Loggins had time to croon one line:

“Right into the danger zone!”

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