Clair in Spring

“Where are we off too?”

The man helped her into her black overcoat. He whispered in her ear as he smoothed the fabric on her shoulders, “I was thinking my place.”

Jazz drizzled from the speakers overhead as the other diners whispered to each other. The red walls were adorned with mahogany cabinets filled with wine bottles.

“Sounds good.” She smiled and brushed a strand of red hair out of her face and over her ear.

He put his own black overcoat over his black suit. His white shirt and stripped double blue tie still showed from between the lapels. “Do you mind walking?”

“You’re close?”

“Ten minutes, maybe fifteen if we take our time.”

“Nice evening walk on the first night of spring would be perfect.”

She took his arm and allowed him to lead her through the maze of mahogany tables on the red carpet to the door. The head waiter offered thanks as they passed out into the dark brisk evening.

As they hit the empty street, a light cool breeze flowed between the tall buildings.

The couple walked along, making small talk. Were it not for her four inch heels on her boots, he would have been taller. His dark hair was streaked with grey. His eyes were blue and his face wore a full beard.

Her knee-tall black boots tapped along the damp sidewalk as they walked. Her white turtleneck sweater came out over her coat lapels, and her black knee-length skirt and black stockings were hidden under her coat.

“It is Clair, isn’t it?

“Yes, and you’re Frank.”

“I have to admit that I am having a bad idea,” he said quietly.

She slowed and allowed her hand to fall from his arm. Her other hand grasped her small black purse tighter to her. “Bad idea?”

“A gorgeous night like this,” he gestured to the waxing three quarter moon above the high rises. “It would seem like such a waste to not enjoy it completely.”

She glanced around trying to follow his thought process. Another couple was walking past across the street, but even the cars were quiet. “Where are you going with this?”

He stopped and turned to face her as he chuckled. “Nothing weird. Well, not too weird. Just figuring I have always wanted to make love under the Moon in the night air.”

Clair smirked. “You don’t live that close, do you?”

He turned and pointed. “Yes, actually. Just the fourth street on the left. Third building.”

“I see.” She took a more serious look around. The street truly was quiet as no cars moved. They stood in front of an brick apartment building with a pathway running up the side between it and the next identical cube building.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to scare you.”

“Did you have a place in mind?”

Frank paused for a second. “Not really. Just kind of a whim, I guess.”

She smiled and batted her green eyes at him. “I would say a better tip is in order.”

He smiled back. “How much?”

“Well, danger pay. I don’t know, what is it worth to you?”

He pulled some dollar bills from his pocket. He peeled off three and offered them to her.

Seeing the $100 on each, she took them between her red finger nails. “Whim, my ass.”

He shrugged.

“How about right here?”

Even in the low light she could see him blush.

She grabbed his arm again and led him to the path. She pushed him up against the wall.

“There’s too much light,” Frank whispered. The area was well within light from the front porch area of the first ground floor apartment.

“Shut the fuck up,” she told him. Her hand found his zipper and tugged it down. “It isn’t some Moon worship you want. You want someone to see.” Her hand slipped in and pulled his limp cock out of his tight briefs.

“Um…yes.” The smile appeared on his face.

Clair pulled back as he tried to kiss him. “Just relax,” she instructed. Crouching down, her coat tails fell to the ground and the cool evening air tickled her legs through the stockings. She took his, now, half hard cock into her mouth.

She felt him relax more as he began to enjoy it. His hand rested on the back of her head and lightly pulled. He was a gentle sort, she decided, and could not hurt him if he tried. She ran her tongue all over his member, enjoying the control she had.

The soft sound of a glass sliding door opening and closing was followed by a whispered voice, “Holy shit.”

Clair stopped and turned to see a young man on the porch behind them.

A ball cap held his greasy shoulder length blonde hair on his head. Sweat pants were all he wore. His well muscled chest was bare. “Nah, folks, please continue. I didn’t mean to stop ya.”

She smiled at him. “Hmmm, perhaps we could offer you a better show?” She opened her purse and pulled out a condom. Using her mouth one more time, she unrolled it over Frank’s cock.

Standing back up, she allowed for a deep kiss this time. Turning from her lover she walked to the black iron half fence that contained the young lion sipping his beer while his eyes remained on her. She put both hands on the fence and bent over.

She felt her date move her coat and lift her skirt. That was followed by the familiar pleasure of a hard cock entering her.

The blonde man watched, beer in one hand, and stroking himself through his sweats with the other.

She exaggerated her gasp for both men’s benefit. This particular date was rather small and, she figured, too nervous to offer her much pleasure other than amusement.

“Shit.” The blonde man stroked harder.

She reached behind and grasped Frank’s thigh. “Darling? Would you mind?” Her head gestured to the blonde.

“Mind?” Frank took a moment. “Oh, no, please do.”

She smiled at the blonde and hooked her finger. “Come hither.”

The young lion did as instructed. Her mouth kissed his erection through the fabric of his sweat pants. He was much larger than the one pumping from behind.

With one hand supporting her on the fence, the other reached into his sweats and pulled out a large cock. “Yum,” she said just before taking him in her mouth.

After five minutes, she felt Frank tense behind her and then groan as he filled the condom. She stopped sucking the blonde and waited until Frank pulled out.

“Wow,” the young lion croaked and took another swig of beer.

Frank pulled the condom off with a smile. A few deep breaths before he spoke, “You going to just leave him with blue balls?”

She smoothed her clothes as she answered, “Did you want me to finish him?”

Another bill appeared in his hand and, just as quickly, disappeared in hers.

She turned back to the blonde. “The man wants a show as well.” She lifted one leg at a time over the fence. Quickly, she slipped another condom from her purse and quickly unrolled it onto him with gentle hands. Turning from him, she bent exactly as before but the other direction.

The young lion did not need to be asked. He was like a jack hammer into her. Slamming her forward.

Frank, having zipped up, watched with a smile. It did not take long before an obvious erection was pushing to get out of his pants again.

She stifled a scream through an orgasm, this time no exaggeration needed. She push back into him until she felt him shudder and collapse behind her into a lawn chair.

After a moment to catch her breath, she turned to the lion. She straightened out her clothes and gave him a quick kiss. “Thank you.”. She hopped back over the fence before he could respond.

Making sure she had everything, she heard the sliding door moving. “Let’s go,” she instructed Frank, grabbed his arm and they began walking.

A woman’s voice spoke behind them, “What the fuck are you doing? What’s with the condom?”

The couple chuckled as they continued on their walk.

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