Clair and the Fisher King

“I like New York in June! How about you?”

The three figures on the couch joined Robin Williams on the TV with the next line.

“I like a Gershwin tune! How about you?”

The three roared in laughter as they snuggled together. The only light from the strobe like effect given off by the television.

Clair stood and picked a plate off of the coffee table in front of them. She padded over to the kitchen. “Who wants more wine?”

Both men raised their glasses and grunted in approval.

She pulled one of the pizza boxes open and slipped a piece out onto her plate. Grabbing the bottle of red by the neck, she returned to the two naked men on the couch.

“Here,” she offered the bottle to Jake.

Jake took it and finished the bottle by pouring a mouthful of Merlot into all three glasses.

“Boys?” She waited.

While she had been in the kitchen they had snuggled together.

“Make room, now.”

They moved apart so she could drop her naked ass between them.

Jack picked up the piece of pizza remaining on his own plate. “I never get tired of this movie. I wish I had his dreams.”

Jake reached his arm across Clair’s bare shoulders and ruffled Jack’s hair. “Hun, at least you still got your hair.”

Clair finished her piece and set her plate down. She propper her legs up on Jack and lay her head in Jake’s lap.
Jake stroked her hair and glanced up at Jack. The two men joined hands.

Clair felt Jake’s erection pushing at the back of her head. “Hey, you’re not supposed to be doing that. You’re husband is right there.”

Jack looked over with concern.

Jake giggled. “I’m sorry. You know how I get.”

Clair looked up at Jack and raised her eyebrows in question, but unsure he could see without the light.

He smiled at her and shrugged.

She started to whisper with a grin, “Jack and Jake, sitting in a tree…” She turned her head to face the attention deprived erection. “K,” she said just before kissing the tip. “I,” another soft kiss. “S,” she nipped the shaft. “S,” her tongue lapped at one ball. “I,” and the other. “N,” her tongue back up his shaft. “G,” and she took his cock deep into her mouth.

She sucked him slowly and gently. As she did, she felt the two men pull closer together. Glancing up, she watched them kiss passionately. She also felt Jack’s hand slip between her thighs.

Robin Williams, still on the TV, expressed his love of the food made by Jeff Bridge’s girlfriend and offered to make love to her on the table.

The three on the couch ignored it and made love anyway.

Before long, both men were on their knees.  Jake sat on the sofa arm, and Clair continued to suck on him.  Jack got behind her and licked her pussy from behind.

She swore in her mind at not having brought a couple of condoms.

Jake stopped her and got off the armrest.  She kneeled up and allowed him to turn her.  He then pushed Jack back on the other arm rest.  Winking at Clair he whispered, “Can we share?”

Jack gasped as two tongues danced about his shaft.  Clair and Jake took turns licking and sucking him.  As Jake ran out of energy, she pulled both men down onto the couch and kneeled in front of them.  She alternated who she stroked with her hand and who she sucked on.

The men kissed again as they came almost together.

Clair laughed at the sticky mess in her hair and rolling down her forehead.  “Now look what you’ve done!”

The room was eerily quiet as the movie was long since over and the VHS player buzzed in rewind mode.

Jake’s hand stroked Clair’s cheek and he smiled at her.  He got up and disappeared around the corner.  The sound of running water was followed by his re-appearance and a warm cloth wiping off her face.

“I swallowed most of it, for fuck sake,” she giggled.

Jack winked at her.  “It’s good for you.”

Jake slumped back down on the couch.  “I can’t do the hair, Clair.”  He looked very tired.

Jack stood and helped her to her feet.  Glancing at Jake he asked, “My love, I can.  Do you mind?”

“Not at all.”  Jake offered a brief grin and stood.  A quick kiss for both Jack and Clair before he continued, “I’ll be in bed when you are finished.  Good night.”

All three went to the hall.  Jake peeled off right to the bedroom.  Jack lead Clair to the only room in the house with a light on, the washroom.  Latching the door behind them, he started the shower.

Clair looked in the mirror.  Cum was all over her head.  “Is Jake alright?”

Jack crouched and tested the water.  “He’s getting better.  That little burst…um, no pun intended, is the most energy he’s had in months.”


“I hope not.”  Jack pulled back the shower curtain and both got in.

He stood behind her, first pulling back her red hair to wet it.  Clair stood with arms on the tile wall in front of her, head back and getting the water full force in her face and splashing over her head.  She stood and leaned back into Jack.  “How long had it been since we’ve done that?”

“Oh, probably since before.  Three years, maybe?”

She reached behind her and found his limp cock.  Her hands played until he was rigid again.

He had shampoo frothing in her hair.  “Time to rinse.”

She lowered to her knees and took him back in her mouth again.  Jack pulled the shower head off the wall and ran the water over her head as she took his full length in her mouth.  His hand brushed the soap off with the water.  He replaced the shower head and made her stop.  Pulling her to her feet, he turned her around again and leaned her forward to the wall.

He whispered in her ear, “I think it has been even longer since we’ve done this.”

His cock slipped inside of her, slowly at first.  His leg propped up on the side of the tub so that his hand could reach in and play with her clit as he pumped her.  As she let out a slight groan, his other hand shot out and covered her mouth.

“Shhh…” he giggled.

She bit her tongue as she allowed her orgasm to take her.  She was not sure the last time she had had an orgasm that was not by her own hand.

As they dried off she asked, “Why did you shush me?”

“Don’t want to wake Jake.”

A Spockian eyebrow raised on her face.

Jack sighed.  “Jake has told me to take pleasure when I can.  He doesn’t think he’s getting better.”

She lifted herself on her tiptoes and kissed him.  Dropping her towel to the floor, she pulled him down and pushed him on his back.  She mounted him once more and quietly rode him until his cum dripped down her thighs.

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