Gray’s Best Vacation Ever

“Welcome to Sydney.”

The humidity hit Gray like a brick wall as he left the plane onto the walkway. He had his tiny backpack over one shoulder. His red parka was hung over his right arm. A black tee shirt showed off his muscles and he was certain the blonde milf behind him was checking out his tight blue jeaned ass.

He had no luggage, and so walked straight out to customs.

He handed his passport to the cute brunette customs agent. He enjoyed her impressed smile as he pretended not to notice.

She scanned his passport. “Welcome to Australia. Skiing not good enough in Canada, sir?”

“Sorry?” His eyes met hers and he quickly got the joke.

“What’s the purpose of your visit?”

Sex, his brain wanted to answer. “Visiting a friend,” his mouth mentioned.

“Thank you. Enjoy your stay.”

Her eyes held his just a moment longer and told him he was welcome to stay with her anytime.

He emerged from the customs area to a large crowd. Refraining from waving to his minions, Gray scanned the group and found her immediately.

She was truly a vision. Her curly raven hair disappeared past her shoulders. Her well muscled and tanned legs were visible under her tight white skort from calves to her ankle bones just above white sneakers. Her red sleeveless tee shirt showed athletic shoulders and arms.

He scratched the salt and pepper whiskers on his chin as he walked to her. Those around them would have suspected they were a Hollywood couple.

His first words to her were, “Good thing I slept on the plane.” He smiled as he his eyes ran from her eyes and all the way down the legs that would be wrapped around him shortly.

With a big smile, she wrapped her arms around him tightly. Her head barely came up to the top of his shoulder. Her left foot lifted up behind her as she crushed into him. “I already checked in,” she whispered.

He loved her accent and, without hearing a single word further, he let her lead him through the terminal to the shuttle bus.

Gray enjoyed the attention the couple drew as they passed the mediocre onlookers.

The make-out session began as soon as the door of the shuttle closed. The driver rolled his eyes as this beautiful couple tried to swallow each other’s lips.

Ten minutes later, their lips unlocked as the door opened again, dropping them in front of the Sheraton.

They walked into the elevator and, just as the doors slid closed, her hand was squeezing his crotch. Again, their tongues danced causing more heat. His hands found a firm breast each and massaged through her tee shirt.

The elevator bing-ed to announce their entrance and the door slid open. The couple separated under the watchful eye of the Asian housekeeper and her cart.

Gray figured that her scowl was simply to hide her jealousy.

Two doors down, his date flashed a card that prompted the door to unlock.

Gray’s backpack hit the ground before they got past the front hall. Her hands grabbed the collar of his black tee and ripped so her lips could massage his muscles.

He pushed her away and lifted her red tee shirt off so his hands could feel the nipples flesh for himself.

The couple rolled along the wall, slowly divesting of the little clothing they had left.

Gray picked the brunette up and pulled her legs around his waist. His hard cock beneath her, it was as though it was holding her up on its own.

He threw her down lightly on the bed. “No bruises yet,” he said as he returned to his bag. He pulled out his small laptop, a black studded collar and a chain leash. Setting the laptop beside the TV, he opened it and left it to boot up.

He brought the collar over and lifted her head so he could secure it on her neck. He gasped as she let her mouth slip over his erection while he tightened it.

“I did not tell you to do that,” he said sternly. He stood and went back to the laptop. With a few button clicks, the room was filled with George Harrison crooning about a weeping guitar. Turning back to her, he glared and thought. One stride and he was back on his knees beside her. He attached the leash and mumbled, “How to punish, how to punish.”

She waited, eyes wide for his decision.
“Open your mouth.”

She did as instructed.

He held his erection in one hand and pushed it into her mouth until she gagged and tears filled her eyes.

“On your knees!”

She flipped onto her belly and climbed onto her hands and knees.

Gray shifted behind her, leash in one hand and used his other to guide his erection into her. His free hand than wrapped itself in her raven curls and pulled so her head snapped back.

“Wow,” he purred. “Mary, you are so tight.”

She tensed and stopped thrusting to him.

“What?” He released her hair.

She turned, wide eyed and said, “Mary is my sister, Alex!”

Gray stopped and thought before he spoke. “Sister?”

She nodded.

He sat back on his legs. “My brother is Alex.”

She fell on her side and stared at Gray.

Gray got off the elevator, redressed now in a navy tee shirt. He walked out to the lobby and, sure enough, his twin brother sat there looking dumbfounded.

Gray smiled at his brother. “What are the odds, man?”

Alex nodded. “They’re twins, too.” He stopped and stared at his brother. “Assuming she’ll let you in, Mary is in room 604.”

Gray glanced around, innocently. “Nancy is in 308.”

The brothers walked back to the elevator bay and entered together.

Alex pushed both floor buttons. “I’ll meet you in the bar in ten minutes if things don’t work out.

The door started to close as Gray turned to his brother and said, “I hope Mary is as tight as Nancy.”

The door slid shut and muffled the sound of Alex’s fist hitting Gray

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