Clean Up

Time for an aside on my stories again.

I know, I know, you would all rather simply read about gorgeous people having gratuitous sex than me explaining some of what is going on.

Sucks to be you.

In the space of a few days I ended Cliff’s Turn About series…well, by ended I mean pushed it to where I saw it going but it is still open for more potentially…then I wrote a few stories on the reformed hooker, Clair.

Truth is Clair bored me as there was very little of me in there. I was delving into places that I really do not reside with that one, so I took it a different direction after only a few stories.

Now we have Gray…short for Graham. An arrogant asshole who thinks a lot of himself. I am yet to decide if this is me mocking the sexy people who think themselves above us…or will I lose interest in him as I did Clair? I must admit that I love the name I chose for this guy…thinking the next horse in my barn may have Graham as a proper name with Gray being a barn name…however no blowjobs for said horse for fear of the barn radio being stolen.

I do have an idea coming yet that I am slowly working on. Not really concrete yet, but thinking I may try to write a full blown erotic fantasy without the weirdness I usually attach to them. Then again, I may leave in the weirdness and just make something more intense. Soon, though…probably before Super Bowl I will have the first of that up.

I already have started to develop a character for it. Develop is an interesting word as my three previous have all been created on the fly without any prior development. This new character will be the most autobiographical that I have done. A lot of what will follow when we get there will be taken from my own experience of much more intense snapshots of what I would like to experience. Much more detail. Much more growth.

Well, that’s the plan, anyway. We’ll see what cums, shall we?

Bring tissues for clean up.

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