Hidden Gem

A bell rang over the door as she entered. The fluorescent lights showed baby blue walls covered in sample boards over a dark carpet. The windows were blocked from the street by long blinds from the twelve foot ceiling to the floor. The reception desk had a teal face. The counter on the desk was done in a red solid surface with a set of grey cupboards behind it.

Greg sat behind the desk and smiled at her. His cheeks bright red, he asked, “Can I help you?”

She smiled back at him. “I believe we spoke on the email. You must be Greg?”

He nodded and absently played with his wedding ring. “Liz?”

“What should I do with my coat?”

He rose, rounded from behind the desk and helped her out of the long black coat.

Her hair was sandy curls. She wore a black skirt and white blouse. Her legs were bare save the black pumps she wore.

He pulled a few dollar bills from his pocket and handed them to her.

She quickly counted the money before making it disappear into her small purse. “So,” she said as her gaze returned to him. “What were you looking for?”

His cheeks blushed a deeper shade of red.

“I see. Go sit at your desk then.”

Greg did as instructed.

She followed him around behind the desk and set her purse down on the desk. Her hands grasped his shoulders from behind and started to massage.

Greg felt his head roll back, relaxed, as she squeezed and pressed. His white shirt creased under her touch and she reached around to undo the top two buttons.

She pulled his rolling chair back and walked in front of him. Pushing his knees apart, she knelt between them and quickly found his zipper. She reached her purse and pulled it to the floor with her.

His erection was out and in her hand quickly. Her lips soon had him locked between them.

The bell over the door announced another visitor.

The young woman walked in with a fur collared long coat over black slacks. “Hi,” she said, barely looking at Greg. Her eyes quickly started searching the samples on the walls. Her white knit hat allowed a trail of brunette hair down her back.

Greg felt Liz’s hands grasp his hips and roll him under the desk as her mouth continued to work on him. He concentrated to keep his breathing controlled. He was disappointed to not be able to watch as this was truly one of the best blowjobs he had ever had.

“What’s your primary white?” the young woman searching the boards asked.

Greg looked up from his computer. “Ummm…very top left.” He felt Liz was now deep throating him under the desk with no sound.

She found the sample. “Perfect,” she said quietly and looked for more.

Four ten minutes, Greg watched the brunette scour the sample boards as Liz sucked his penis. He was amazed the brunette had not noticed his reactions as he tapped on his computer keyboard to appear busy.

Finally, seemingly satisfied, the brunette offered him a grin and turned. “Thank you.”

She exited, the bell rang, Greg came, and Liz swallowed.

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