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Feels like I have traded my independence for security once again…and didn’t even get any draft picks with it.

“The sadder but wiser girl’s the girl for me…”
– Prof. Harold Hill, The Music Man (watching the Disney version with Matthew Broderick)

My girls and I have spent the weekend at my folks place in the city. My folks are away, so we are on our own.

This weekend, however, has reminded me some of the things I miss about the city. I have been living the rural life in horse country for eighteen months now. I do love the quiet of a town of 800 compared to a city of five million. I do enjoy the animals and the views that it offers.

I do not enjoy, however, having to hide my own spiritual beliefs for fear of the predominate Christian right wing showing up on my lawn and throwing eggs…and in this town, the Christians have shut down businesses that they have found offensive. I do not enjoy people I have never met knowing my habits, where I am going, and the goddess that I was able to pleasure last night.

With the city I miss that I can walk places like the pub, the cinema or library. I miss that things are open later. I miss that etiquette in the city is more about politeness than religious rhetoric. And I miss being closer to my girls.

I suspect this will all pass and that this weekend has just been a reminder of some of what I have given up. All choices cause us to give up something. We will never have it all…just have to get the best of what we can and decide what are the easiest side effects we can live with.

For now, will just keep my head and music down and will see what happens.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I also miss the city. I was born and bred in London, only moved out to the burbs when I was in my 30’s. I miss it all the time. I am lucky that I am in a decent size town, with library, shops etc all in walking distance but its a small town with small town mentality. What I do like about it is less traffic, less people and the countryside on my doorstep but I miss the hustle bustle too.

    Luckily like you my folks still live in central London, so I get my fix from time to time. I don’t expect I could ever afford to move back, but that doesnt mean I don’t wish I could.


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