Snowmaggedon…What a Guy

I wonder if home insurance would cover a hypothermia accident caused by frolicking in the snow?

This morning is absolutely gorgeous out here. The Sun Goddess is high in the southeast sky above Toronto and, if I am not careful, I could end up with a sunburn today.

Yesterday…so-called Snowmaggedon, however, was a typical guy. Big promises…blew his load early…fell asleep and slipped away to return to his wife in the middle of the night.

A real snowstorm of “Biblical proportions”, as some were predicting this to be, would shut Toronto down for a few days. Snowmaggedon was a bit of a joke…but the heart of the storm was pretty severe. I walked to the post office during it and that was difficult.

I do not blame people for staying home yesterday, though. I did. Did a lot of paperwork and even created a new presentation for my designers. With the amount I drive, to be out in the heart of yesterday’s storm would have simply been asking for trouble.

Listening to the radio, there are those suggesting that people are becoming wooses…the woosification of society as we all stay home.

One question, my job driving 300 kms a day aside…say 50 years ago, were people commuting as far as we are now?

I moved out of the Toronto area as I cannot afford to live there. I know I am not alone in this. So the capitalist society pushes people out of metro areas due to economics, and then bullies them into dangerous acts (ie: driving during severe snow) in order to live.

Something is wrong with this equation. Due to the fact I can work at home if I have to, I am off the hook…but those at an office…some are told to show up or find work elsewhere.

Capitalism demands increases every year. People call this the nature of things even though, in a country like Canada, these increases require immigration to fulfill…it requires us to be at work whether in rain, shine or ice…it requires children to be raised in groups by babysitters instead of one of their parents…and it requires that those that have set the rules for those that have not.

I wish I had a better option. It is definitely the winner of the “Best Lipsticked Pig” when it comes to economic systems.

The biggest problem I have with capitalism is how it has made corporations into life-like entities.

I do hate to point this out but unlike the Sun, the ground, the snow, and the bodies being loaded into the ambulance after a fatal accident in yesterday’s snowstorm…the economy is man made.
We can fix this. We have the technology.


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