Toto…I Don’t Think We’re On Twitter Anymore

Lately I have been stretching the boundaries of my sphere, shall we say.

This all started, roughly a year ago when I finally broke down and signed onto Twitter for the first time.  Thanks to BlackBerry technology, I am not certain I ever sign off of there anymore…I wake up in the middle of the night, flip my phone open and let the Tweets sing me back to sleep.

Just in the fall I made a new friend on there, it seems…we’ll call her Molly.  She stumbled on to my blog and, liking what she saw she dragged me to a site she runs called Just Kinky.  Cute site that seems to be in a growth mode.  Since I joined in late December, the membership has gone up by ten percent.  I take full responsibility for this, of course. *cough*BULLSHIT!*cough*.  They have published on the site a few of the stories I have posted on this blog.  Almost immediately, and I blame this on Molly, my blog traffic here doubled…

I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life…hold on…

– Phil Collins, In the Air Tonight

So, the beginning of January I suddenly had more than a handful of readers each day.

Then, thanks to another Twitter friend named Megan, I was invited this past week to join another site called Fetlife.  My blog traffic has now doubled again since joining that site, and I have barely scratched the surface there.

Write it and they will read.  Write it well, and they will read more.  I hope I write it well.  Some of the responses I get tell me I am doing it right, so that’s a good sign.

Thanks to all of this, I have nearly dumped Facebook, have not returned to the old iThink/Minekey site in months, and there were previous sites before those two…one local Canadian one that I was first writing tidbits on back in 2003 called Casual Kiss…it still exists, but not like it was then.

First off, to Molly and Megan, thank you for introducing me to these sites.  For the rest who have started reading this, you have no idea how tickled I am.  Writing has started to become fun again…something that, for me was not really the case for some time now.  Please keep the responses coming…so long as it is constructive, I welcome criticism even…how else will I learn, right?

Thanks guys! :)…and now back to our regularly schedule program about a quack gone to the dogs…oh, speaking of, guess I should feed the doberman as he’s currently looking at me like I’m a raw steak.


  1. what a surprise i got by being mentioned in this blog post! i am so glad that you are enjoying exploring fetlife & your readership is up. you totally deserve it, your writing ROCKS!! plus you know how i feel about cliff & now others will get to know him too. have fun in your explorations. ~*~ megan~*~ p.s. if i had known you keep your blackberry on i’d have been tweeting you all night 🙂

  2. For a moment I am lost for words….that doesnt happen often trust me. I am deighted to have got a mention here. I love your blog, you know that by now I am sure, and was indeed delighted to stumble upon it. The moment I started reading I knew I had found a ‘writer’ and not just a writer but a writer I wanted to read, whether it was about his lifes ramblings or his erotic fiction it’s all good reading. I don’t actively read that many othr blogs, writing my own and running JK takes up a fair bit of time along with life too but once in while I discover a blog that makes me want to make a cup of tea and sit down and read. This is one of those.

    I am thrilled that if in some small way I have driven some traffic here, your words deserve to be read. I hope you continue to send us some of them at JK.

    Now, I am wondering about those night time tweets…..could I possibly make your morning wood any worse if I say just the right thing at just the right time? 🙂


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