Money Shot

Before anyone asks, I had the NFL website up on one tab, but no television or radio makes it a very dull watch…so I have Rush crooning about Nobody’s Hero and am surfing for writing ideas for the next week.

Now…Why is it called the “money shot”?

Actually, I do know the answer and, as usual, I’m going to type a few extra characters so that no explicit sexual commentary shows up on my Facebook blurb for those that don’t fucking want to read that shit.

Wait…I did that wrong…FUCK!

Oh well, so the money shot, of course was the shot that cost the most money to make.  In the case of pornography, where I believe it is recently used more common than anywhere else I am aware of, it is the point when the man orgasms and his sperm ends up all over his partner’s face.  I suspect many think the term “money shot” actually came from porn, but a quick Google search will prove otherwise. Am I odd, or am I the only guy that this image does nothing for?

I will admit that seeing a drop slip from her lips might get me, but…and I have given the proverbial facial in real life…but in pictures, no.

This thought came up as I was surfing for some other things.

There are a lot of kinks out there that strike me a bizarre.  I can understand the appeal of light restraints, exhibitionism, voyeurism, latex, leather, and even light dom/sub activities.  My kinks seem to limit at carrying my camera around (yes, I have taken and been in pics), the occasional public coupling where there is the thrill of getting caught, threesomes & moresomes and those gorgeous FMBs…the boots…truth is I have participated and enjoyed most of these, and would again given the opportunity.  Give me two goddesses with high latex FMBs in some public place that I can take pictures of…damn, now I’m drooling on my keyboard.  The dom/sub thing is more of a new intrigue, but I will get there.

However, I do not understand real pain at all…saw some guy who has a vomit fetish *cringe*…and all these piercings of genitals and such…Noooooooo!  I do not get it.  Good thing I don’t have to, I suppose.  On the piercings, yes I will admit that my tattoos might be seen similarly as body art.  My tattoos, however, are not truly body modifications in the sense that some people have participated.  I am not stretching earlobes or dangling from genitals…plus my tattoos are all hidden for purposes of appearing professional when I have to.  My newest one is one that will require intimacy to see…and I do not see them quite the same way.

I guess I am new enough to this stuff that it still shocks me.  To each their own.

It does strike me as odd, however, that all of these so-called ‘kinks’ have been given a Gothic and dark image.  The holier than thou conservatives are the first to strike out at those open about these things and claim Satanism and perversion.

Kink has nothing to do with morality.  Kink has to do with experiencing.

Not that long ago, fellatio was considered to be ‘kink’.  These days, blowjobs are common among married folk…well…even conservatives get and give them.

Um…damn, get thinking about blowjobs and I lose my train of thought…

To one degree, I suppose the de-kinking of the blowjob comes (or cums) from the fact that sex sells.  It is everywhere from our magazine ads of scantily clad models selling perfumes to the adult shops that line some of our city streets.  The western world has become sexualized in a fashion that our forefathers never could have predicted.  Free speech has side effects they never thought of.

People try to ban sex…try to stop sex…try to control how others can and cannot have sex.  I suspect they would be much happier if they would just worry about enjoying and creating enjoyment in their own bedroom instead of watching what is going on over the fence in the next yard.

There have been accidents brought about by what people see as more “kinky” sex that does tend to tarnish the image…but is there a better way to die than in the throws of pleasure?

Good safe sex does not kill people.  Good kinky safe sex does not kill people.

Yet the conservatives want the freedom to carry firearms and control over your condom usage…

Personally, I am much happier packing condoms than any type of weapon.  Now, how about that orgy and that blowjob?


  1. I liked this paragraph in particular [People try to ban sex…try to stop sex…try to control how others can and cannot have sex. I suspect they would be much happier if they would just worry about enjoying and creating enjoyment in their own bedroom instead of watching what is going on over the fence in the next yard.]

    Thanks for suscribing to my blog.

    I’ll keep an eye on you =)

  2. I recently found your blog and enjoy it. I like erotica, even the D/s variety, but that doesn´t mean I want all the kinky kink in my real sex life. For me the money shot is when a man orgasm inside a very wet vagina. No condom. Not so common in the pro porn industry 🙂

  3. Excellent post and I agree with so much of it. It really pisses me off when people compare kink to deviant behaviour, and imply that if you into anything even slightly kinky then you must be on the slippery slope to paedaphila etc.

    As for piercings, I tend to agree there too. In general I find all the intimate piercings make me shudder but like you I love my tattoo and am looking forward to getting more.


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