I Miss…

My innocence.

My ignorance.

The 1980s.

Chicago when they were still a rock band.

Chicago the city…gorgeous place and only there once so far.


The Rocky Mountains…soon to be corrected…details to follow

Howard Jones and his spiked hair…at least his music is still good…and yes, he is still putting out some tunes every so often.

Being able to eat KFC without my stomach arguing with me for the rest of the night.


Football when the players were actually thankful to be playing.

Denver, CO…was there until 1983 and have yet to get back…one day, though.

The city…again, may very well be corrected soon.

Public transit…I’m tired of driving.

Playing with my kids every night…at least they seem to realize now that, for me, their mother was the problem and never them no matter what she tells them. ¬†With the correction of the Rocky Mountain and city issues, however, this may get worse.

Really good sex…this will be corrected.

The mullet…though I never actually have had one, and doubt my hair would grow long enough before I lose it.

Meh…that’s it for now…feel free to add your own, though.


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