Gray’s Best Dive Ever

Gray stood as a giant over his prey.

“Sir? Do you need insurance?”

“No,” he scoffed. “My gold card covers that.”

“Your card is yellow, sir.”

Gray glared at her.

The short brunette behind the counter rolled her eyes and started to print the form. “We’re good to go, then.” She pulled as set of keys from the drawer beside her. “You’ve got the white Toyota Yaris in the third row.”

He walked through the cement parking lot.  “I’m a regular, ya know,” he said to the air.  “You think they would appreciate that I rent each year from them.”  He dropped his bag in the hatch and then folded himself into the driver seat.

The streets were very light and he followed the maze of streets to the hotel easily.  Gray liked Ottawa as he found it quiet and arrogant with thoughts of government bureaucracy, yet knowing all the oil…the real power, was in his home in Calgary. The street lights were just turning on as he pulled into the parking lot. Dark clouds above began converging on the area blocking out any sight of the Moon.

He quickly parked, pulled his bag from the car and walked to the lobby, head held high as the snow crunched under his sneakers. As the wind picked up, he watched the three other cars in the parking lot getting pelted with sideways snow being picked off the ground.

He knew the room would be ready and she would be waiting for him, so he marched straight to the elevator.

The door opened on the seventh floor to a beige wallpapered hallway with maple moldings. Gray almost jogged to room 707.

Holding his hand up to his mouth, he did a quick breath check. Using the same hand, he knocked three times firmly.

Silence answered him. The hallway remained empty.

“Oh oh,” Gray whispered and knocked again.

Still nothing.

He walked to the end of the hall and peered out. Heavy snow was starting to sit on the three cars out in the parking lot.


The realization that the Yaris was gone hit him like a hammer to the head. He ran to the elevator and pushed the down button with staccato efforts. Giving up, he snapped the door open to the stairs and bound down three steps at a time.

The parking lot was near white out when he exited the lobby. The parking space show two sets of tracks in the snow. One coming in and one leaving.

“SHIT!” At a full sprint he turned back and ran to the lobby. Hitting a spot of black ice under the snow, he landed in a full dive face first and slid plowing snow with his head towards the door. Standing up, he dusted the snow off himself as best he could and stepped into the lobby. “My car is stolen, call 9-1-1!” He yelled as he approached the front desk.

“Listen to me. I rent from you every time I travel. You will lose my business,” Gray said into the phone. He hoped his tone was impressing the blonde behind the hotel check in desk.

The voice on the other end of the phone was not impressed. “Sir. Your credit card does not have added insurance.”

Gray rolled his eyes. “It’s a gold card!”

“It was a yellow card. When the tow truck driver brought it in, he was amazed it had not exploded.”

Gray cringed and slouched.

“Oh, and there was a note on the windshield.”

Gray raised his eyebrows. “Oh?”

“It reads: ‘Dear Gray. Please go fuck yourself. Love Samantha.'”

“Wow,” Gray sighed.


“Her name is Samantha. What a sexy name.”

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