The lasagna is what we seek. Cheese upon layers of meat and pasta and meat and pasta.

Yet so often we only get on layer…whether cheese, meat or pasta and it fools us into thinking we have lasagna.

Problem is, most of us have no clue how to make lasagna. Which is the right cheese? Which meat goes with which pasta? Do not even get me started on the side salad. What if the one you are sharing lasagna with likes a different style or different amount?

All very hypothetical. All very peception based. More answers under the Sun and Moon than there are people as different combinations of people creates a different answer.

…and too many are trying to eat lasagna alone. It just is not the same. One may get sore and uncomfortable as, doing it alone, one might eat too much.

Then there are those who decide to share their lasagna with their pets. That’s just wrong! I mean if two guys want to share, or two girls…not my thing, but up to them. But the dog? The goldfish?

For the record, I am not certain how a human can share lasagna with a goldfish.

Did Garfield teach us nothing? He wanted the lasagna to himself rather than sharing it with a human…and from a guy’s perspective, sharing lasagna with the pussy all depends on context…

…as does this entire blog entry. Eat lasagna wisely…wear a condom.


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