Jack’s Libido

“Was that her?”

Jack checked his rear view mirror. Amongst the traffic his blue eyes picked out the grey Chevy hatchback. Due to the sunlight it was hard to see the driver as it reflected off the windshield.

He had first noticed the vehicle as he cruised along in the middle lane of the highway. He was getting closer as traffic began to slow.

Like his own truck, the gray car was covered in muck from the winter driving. The windows were all sandy looking and snow tufts rode along the back tires.

He remembered the first time he had seen the car…

Eight years ago…

Jack sipped his coffee.

The coffee shop was near empty. The walls were a darkened salmon with glass fixtures along the counter. Wooden looking furniture scattered about posing as tables and chairs sat in silence to the piped in jazz music.

Jack sat facing the large window with the service area to his right. Picking up the paper coffee cup he watched as a gray Chevy pulled into the parking spot beside his own white Chevy. Ironic that they were even the same model.

A blonde stepped out of the car. She was tall and curvy. Short curly brunette hair matching her sunglasses. She wore a striped pink and white tee shirt and pink pants. A small purse clutched to her and she walked into the shop. She looked around the coffee shop, first at the only other couple sitting in the back corner and then at Jack. Slowly she walked over towards Jack.

Jack stood and asked, “Stephanie?”

She forced a nervous smile. “Yes. Jack?”

He nodded and offered his hand to shake hers. “Nice to meet you. What can I get for you?”

He left her at the table, trusting her not to spit in his coffee, and ordered her cappuccino. Returning, he put her drink in front of her and creaked his wood chair across the tiles so he could sit down again.

Jack enjoyed her big brown eyes as they talked. He found her very nervous and a little shy.

She sat back in her chair, arms across her chest, and slowly loosened up a little.


The gray Chevy was just in front on his right as traffic inched along. The middle lane moved slightly faster, so Jack was making up distance.

Jack scratched his salt and pepper goatee while talking heads argued about religion in schools on the radio. He loved these debates but was too distracted to keep up with this one.

He could see short curly brown hair in the drivers seat of the Chevy. Also, the driver wore a black coat.

Eight years ago…

Jack pulled his white Chevy into her driveway. “Nice place.”

“It is a nice area. A lot of brown people, though.”

Jack was surprised at her statement but kept his face straight.

“Did you want to come in? My mom is still at work.”

Jack felt a bit foolish as a 34 year old worrying about what parents were doing. “Sure.”

The couple stepped out of the car into the driveway. Stephanie led him to the door and unlocked it. She put her hand on Jack’s chest and instructed, “Stand back.”

As she opened the door, a small puff of fur bolted out into her arms. It barked at Jack with a yap.

“Cute,” Jack offered, holding the door for her.

Stephanie took the dog inside.

Jack pulled the door behind him, noticing that the interior dead bolt required a key as well.

Stephanie made them coffee and shared it with him on the beige leather couch. She turned the television on and put the first Pirates of the Caribbean into the DVD player.

They chatted over their coffee and watched the film. Before long, her head was leaning on his shoulder and her hand was high upon his thigh.

Jack was a bit shocked. For the most part, Stephanie bored him. On this, their second date, he found they had little to nothing in common. She, in his perspective, had very little passion or drive to her. She was physically attractive, but that was all he saw.

“Do you mind?” She asked. Quickly her feet were up over the arm of the couch, and she lay on her back with her head on his legs turned to watch the TV. Slowly her head inched back until she was right back against his belly.

Jack failed at controlling himself as an erection formed.

After awhile, she turned upwards and smiled at him. “I’m hungry,” she whispered. Lifting her head and turning over, her hand found his zipper and tugged it down.

Jack thought it was odd getting a blowjob from a woman he had yet to kiss, but feeling her swallowing the results of her efforts halted all his questions.


The middle lane began to move faster.

Jack tried to take a quick glance as he passed the gray Chevy.

Dark glasses and brunette was still all he could confirm.

“Damn, that looks like her.”

Six years ago

He looked at the ring on his left ring finger. Jack then looked up at the brunette straddling him. He did not recognize the woman riding him. The woman now wearing his ring.

“Holy fuck,” he thought as his cock was surrounded by her warmth and wet. “What the hell am I doing?” The tight pussy quieted his doubts.

Jack glanced about the room. His cock quickly shut down the realization that the resort room had no television and he was missing football.


The gray Chevy was now in Jack’s blind spot off his back passenger side bumper.

“Would she still have the same car?” his mind asked. “She was cheap enough.”

A large white delivery truck was now to his right as cars on his left began moving quicker.

His BlackBerry buzzed on the dashboard announcing an important email.

Jack pushed the button and scanned it quickly. Deleting the email he returned his eyes to the road…and then his rear view mirror as he could see the back end of the gray Chevy again.

He realized he had no idea what the email had said nor whom it was from.

Four years ago…

Jack stepped out on to the driveway with a smile. Glancing up at the waiting car, he felt the glare of Stephanie waiting for him. He slipped in to the passenger seat and informed her, “We’re all set for tomorrow night.”

“Took you long enough. I don’t like waiting her.”

He turned and stared at her. A small brown teddy bear in the back seat caught his eye. “Wait. Lori forget her bear.”

She put the car. “She can wait ’til tomorrow for it.”

“Now that’s not fair.”

“You think it’s fair leaving me waiting in the car while you’re talking to your ex inside?”

He was speechless.

Her right hand reached over and stroked his crotch. “They aren’t my kids. Let’s go work on my kid.”

Jack felt his doubts evaporate as his cock hardened.


The gray Chevy was now two cars back and partially hidden by the white delivery truck.

Jack turned up the radio for the traffic report, hoping to distract his thoughts elsewhere.

Three years ago…


Jack watched the tears start on her cheeks. “Yes, Steph.”

She stood right in front of him. “Why are you leaving.” Her hand reached for his crotch.

Jack stepped back. He was not going to let his libido dictate what was happening.


Jack whispered, “My kids don’t want to come here anymore.”

“So? Is that my fault?”

He slumped before answering, “Yes.”


The traffic jam began breaking up and Jack accelerated. He soon lost sight of the gray Chevy.

“Was that her?”

Jack checked his rear view mirror one last time and felt his cock stir.

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