Chasing the Phantom Jones

Life should not be this hard.

We have seen how we are supposed to live. Hollywood has shown us. Every film and television show gives us people with integrity, honour, strength and perhaps most importantly money. They act with purpose. Everything they do has symbolism, reasons bigger than themselves, and they are all hilarious.

I ask you, however, how do they afford to live like that when most of them do not seem to have real jobs.

Exhibit #1: Big Bang Theory – how, exactly, does Penny afford that huge apartment on a waitress wage?

Exhibit #2: Chuck – Again with the wage issue as Chuck and Morgan are able to afford a nice condo. Admittedly, they are now spies and probably get a bit of a bump from the government, but they had the place before that.

Exhibit #3: Miami Vice – Crockett and Tubs must have been dirty as there is no way they could afford those cars and those women on a cop wage.

Exhibit #4: Independence Day – crop duster pilot, who lives hand to mouth commits suicide, leaving his children orphans, by flying F1 fighter jet up the ass of alien space craft. Really?

Exhibit #5: Live Free or Die Hard (aka Die Hard IV) – disgruntled employee of the US government takes control of all American computers in order to prove how vulnerable US security is…John McLane kills him and also helps his daughter find a potential beau.

I think I have discovered one of the western world’s biggest problems. Our entertainment has us focused on and attempting to mimic unrealistic characters in both personality and monetary levels. Each night we go home and watch our favourite shows or purchase the DVD so we can watch it on demand.

They use these stories and characters to create a demand…we chase phantom Jonses who we watch in their wacky weekly adventures as they solve their global emergencies in brilliant ways that very few of us would even think of.

Through product placement and suggestion, we all watch the climax of the show while our credit card starts floating out of our back pockets. They suggest what we should buy, how we should act, and how less of a person we are when our mind is more focused on the possibility of paying rent this month rather than which coffee Starbucks is about to lace us for.

I have a plan that is fool proof if every man, woman and child went along with it. A shock and awe campaign, you might say.

I would like each one of you to stand. I want you to reach out with your hand. I want you to feel the heat coming from you television. FEEL IT! Then turn it off.

That is all. If we stop looking at fictional characters as heroes, we might just be able to focus on real heroes…on real issues…on real life.

Then go to Starbucks and buy a coffee…if you don’t, the terrorists win.

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  1. Want the truth? I have not watched TV since the 1st week in January and prior to that I dont think I have watched TV for the best part of 2 years. I have seen the odd movie recently that my Sir has wanted to share with me, but was watch them online, last weekend we watched To Catch A Thief and The African Queen.

    I just don’t watch TV, I read, write, and surf the net……and when I am reunited with Sir, I intend to expand my horizons more and get out and about and explore the world with him.

    Again, GREAT post……i completely agree, turn the TV off, most of it is SHIT.


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