Gray’s Best Pizza Ever

“Nice place.”

Barb smiled. “Thanks.”

Gray was a giant compared to her. He had met her at the hotel where she worked. His car had been stolen and she had offered to assist him. As per normal, Gray tried to sweet talk his way to something free…in this case, he wanted a hotel room. Cute as she was, he had not expected to end up back at her place.

Barb was petite, less than five foot. Her blonde straight hair was long enough for her to sit on and currently held in a pony tail. She wore a black blouse and skirt to her knee under a red uniform blazer.

“I love the…ah…posters.” The place was white walls stained by framed movie posters. Gray thought Remington Steele must be doing interior design now.

There was a small dinette, couch and wall unit holding the television and VCR machine.

“A VCR?” Gray did not recall the last time he had seen one.

Barb smirked. “You’ll stay in the room at the end of the hall. Bathroom is first door on the left. What do you like on your pizza?”

“I’m easy,” Gray answered not really meaning pizza. “Just nothing bizarre.” He carried his bag down the hall and found a room with a twin bed and no furniture. He lay his bag on the bed and went to use the washroom.

The other door opposite the washroom was Barb’s bedroom. The door was opened a crack and he could see a large king sized bed and surrounding white Ikea furniture.

Gray entered the washroom and started working on a plan to sleep in her bed. As he used the toilet he noticed that, like the rest of the apartment the bathroom was minimalist in decor.

Back out to the living room, he sat on the couch. There was a pass through in the far wall to a tiny strip kitchen.

Barb returned, now in white tee and jeans. “I ordered the pizza. Should be half an hour or so.” She picked up the TV remote from the floor beside the couch and flipped on a supper hour news report.

“So what do you do for fun?” Gray asked her. He put his hands behind his head and leaned back.

She glanced at him and shrugged. “I play on the internet a lot. Do a bit of writing. You?”

“I seduce women and work out a lot.” He grinned at her.

She laughed…the right response.

He touched her leg. “What time do you work tomorrow?”

“I’m off.” She smiled shyly.

Gray sat back and pretended to watch the news while he plotted.

The phone rang and Barb quickly buzzed in the pizza delivery driver.

Gray stood up and followed her. The delivery driver was a cute redhead who initiated Gray having thoughts of a potential threesome. His gaze brought a smile from her, quickly dousing the threesome idea when he saw her crooked teeth.

he followed Barb into the kitchen.

“Would you grab a couple of plates,” she instructed and pointed.

Ignoring the instruction, Gray waited until Barb put the pizza down and then placed his hands on her hips firmly. He turned her around and slouched so he could kiss her deeply. Her tongue willingly played with his and tasted of mint.

Her hands rested on his chest as the kiss ended. “Wow. That wasn’t expected.”

He smiled.

She took his hand and led him back to the living room. She reached up and kissed him again. Pulling away, she released his hand. “Wait here.”

This time he did as instructed and dropped back on the couch as the news report started on sports replays. He was quickly lost watching a replay of the Flames winning goal over the Avalanche the night before.

She returned in black leather skirt and bra. Black boots up her thighs, and black gloves up to her elbow. In her right hand she carried a horse whip.

Gray sat back on the couch. “Holy, crap.”


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