Gray’s Best Restraints Ever

Gray awoke with a start.

Dawn light was just filtering in the window and giving enough light to see his surroundings. The ceiling was a stucco white and the walls a deep maroon…although in this light, perhaps purple. There were two large pictures on the wall in front of him, still too dark to make out what they were. There was a hallway at the end of the bed leading to the right. A television stared from atop a dresser at the foot of the bed. The windows were large and covered with sheer drapes.

He whispered, “Where is this?” His groin was sore. His head ached. He felt like his stomach had been through a wringer recently.

As his eyes continued to adjust, he felt her stir. The brunette’s head lay on his belly facing away from him. She gave a little sigh and a slight snore before she seemed to wake. Her hair was long and straight. She was naked and her hair showed part of a wing, a tattoo that ran from her top, right shoulder and disappeared behind her hair. She was very petite.

From the feel of her breath, he realized he was naked as well.

“Good morning, honey,” he heard Grace’s voice, and then felt her lips on his limp cock. It stood quickly, out of respect.

He smiled, “Hey babe. Where…” He wanted to put his hand on the back of her head. Unfortunately the hand cuffs on each arm attaching them to the bed frame stopped him. “Hey?”

She giggled with his cock in her mouth.

He pulled again, but no release.

Grace got up enough so she could deep throat him, pulling him right in and even opening her throat to swallow the tip of his cock. Her eyes locked with his in the dark, and he could sense a smile in them. Her hands never touched him, just her mouth.

Gray enjoyed the sensation, but his curiosity still made him ask, “Babe, where are we?”

She slipped her mouth off of him and licked her lips. With a laugh, she responded, “You really don’t remember?”

He shook his head hard enough that the handcuff chains rattled.

A cheshire grin on her face, she answered, “Vegas, baby.” She pulled herself upright on her knees. Her right hand grasped his erection and she lifted her right leg over him, straddling and aiming, she pushed down on him until his hardness was buried deep between her legs. Her face looked comfortably uncomfortable as her ride started slowly.

“Vegas?” He vaguely recalled a flight, but no specifics. “Wow, why the cuffs?”

Her brunette hair bounced as she began hammering down on him. “Shut up and fuck me.”

He did as instructed and enjoyed watching her breasts bounce. He had never seen Grace completely naked before. Had his cock in her mouth many times due to their bets, but he had never had sex with her before this. She was stunning, sleek and athletic. She also had a lot more tattoos than he realized…the one on her back, a small star on her pelvic bone, and a Celtic knot on her left breast. Most importantly, his cock looked awesome as it vanished into her.

She moaned her way through an orgasm before collapsing onto his shoulder.

Gray felt her hot breath on his shoulder as his own orgasm volcanoed inside of her. He tipped his head up and kissed her neck hard.

“Mmmmm…stop. After last night and this, we need to eat and get your strength up, loverboy.” She kissed him hard, her tongue played with his for a moment before sucking his tongue into her mouth and holding it there with her teeth. She released him, and playfully bit just above his right nipple.

He laughed. “So, Vegas. Did we win anything?”

She laughed and sat upright again. His cock already showing signs of reloading was still inside her.

“Yes, we did. And you don’t remember that either?”

Gray shook his head again. “And the cuffs? I didn’t know you were into this stuff.”

“Ah, those. I can’t let you go free, now, can I?” She held her left hand over her right breast. The sunlight slipped in through the window and reflected off the gold ring on her hand.

Gray caught his breath. “Holy crap!”

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