Gray’s Best Licks Ever


Gray walked through the maze of corridors behind the stage.

Corbin Percy was not Gray’s type of music, but Grace had dragged him to the show. The backstage pass and a promise of many young goth women had him intrigued. Prior to the show, however, Gray started to realize that most of those younger women were of an age that made frolicking with them illegal…that plus most of their parents that were with him were Gray’s age. Gray was, however, pleased with some of the knowing glances he received from a few milfs scattered about the crowd.

Being they had their kids with them, unfortunately knowing glances was all they were. One thing to ask a woman to ditch a date and quite another to ask her to ditch her kid.

Gray watched the show. Not entirely sure if his head was nodding to the beat or simply as a reflex from the pounding bass drum. Gray was also amazed at how scrawny the bare chested band leader was and yet he had all these fillies screaming at him and throwing underwear.

Besides being amazed that he could still hear his own thoughts, Gray wondered if he had made the wrong career choice. Sanitation engineer certainly was a cheap way to keep his athletic build, but panties were not usually thrown at him like this.

After the show had ended, Grace had pulled him by the hand and led to the backstage entrance.

Percy, with his spiked blonde hair and clean shaven face was there to meet them. Now wearing a tight black tee shirt over the jeans he had worn on stage, he sat with his guitar cradled in his lap as a few less than attractive girls were being introduced. When it was time to meet Gray and Grace, Percy had a big smile for Grace and a Spockian eyebrow for Gray.

Grace beamed and shook his hand. “It’s an honour. I love House of Fire.”

“Much too kind,” Corbin said with a slight British accent. He pulled her handshake up and kissed her knuckles.

Gray offered his hand to shake, and prayed the man would not want to kiss his knuckles as well. “Enjoyed it. I’m sure this is how Keith Richards got his start.”

An awkward face from Percy. “Yeah, thanks.”

Gray turned to one of the handlers. “Where’s the washroom?”

The handler was a fireplug of a man. He was small, but no question he was the muscle. His head looked square with his chiseled jaw and flat black hair buzzed on top. “Follow me, sir.”

Gray turned to Grace, “Be right back.”

Grace barely acknowledged him as her smile for Percy was still blazing.

Gray followed the fireplug through the curtained corridors and into a back hall. The man led him to a room with a green door. “Go on in. Second door on the right.”

Gray followed the instructions and did his business. Gray exited to find himself alone in the corridor. Being he had a guide here, he had not completely paid attention to how they had gotten there.

The corridor was dim white light on white walls. A few doors off either side in both directions and stair rising up from both ends.

Gray also noticed that the voices had quieted. “Hello?” he asked the emptiness around him. He started down the corridor, peering in open doors and testing the handle on the closed ones.

He arrived at one door where he could hear music inside, a loud drum beat with a bit of instrumental around it. The handle turned at Gray’s urging and opened. A strobe light flashed giving Gray a shocking images.

The first picture was a man with long curly black hair stood sideways to Gray. Gray recognized the man as the band’s drummer in his leather vest and bare armed completely sleeved by tattoos. His eyes were closed and head thrown back with his mouth surrounded by a pencil goatee.

The next picture was Grace. Her brunette hair flying out behind her as her mouth took the drummer’s cock deep, milking him to the beat of the drums. She was completely naked except for her thigh high boots. Her tattoos glowing in the light.

The third picture showed the man she was straddling, the scrawny Percy. No erection could be seen, but it was obviously buried deep between Grace’s legs and her gorgeous round ass was hiding it as it hopped up and down on top of him.

A few more pictures and Gray was drooling.

The music turned off, as did the strobe. Percy yelled, “Shit, your dad is here.”

Grace stopped sucking the drummer and giggled. “Hi, hon.” She reached back and her hand caressed Percy’s nipple. “He’s not my dad. He’s my husband.”

Gray stepped into the room and snapped the door behind him.

Percy shifted uneasily beneath her. “Are we in trouble?”

Gray chuckled and answered, “Only if I can’t at least watch.”

Grace’s smile widened. “At least,” she repeated.

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