Based on a True Story That Might Happen Yet

“Enjoy your lunch, Bob.”

Diane watched her boss walk out the door. She sat behind the large dark wood desk and opened her own lunch bag. A ham sandwich cowered inside along with a tin can of Diet Pepsi and a banana.

The front door opened again.

She pulled the banana out and set it beside the bag before looking up.

“I believe it was George Carlin who once said you can never watch a woman eating a banana without thinking of a blowjob,” Kirk said and march towards the desk.

“What are you doing here? How did you find me?”

Kirk put his finger to his lips to quiet her. “I do not have much time.” He strode around the desk and turned her chair to face him. “Do as your told, and you will be pleased.”

She grinned at him with her blue eyes shining under her shoulder length blonde hair. “Yes, sir.”

“Are you hungry?” He began unzipping his fly in front of her.

“Yes, sir. May I?” She sat, hands in the lap of her blue jean skirt under a black sweater.

He pulled his penis out and left it there.

Her nose was about an inch from his tip. She reached for it with one hand and licked her lips.

“Wait,” he instructed. “No hands, but still wait.”

She stopped as ordered. She studied the veins on his limp cock while she waited.

He stood for just a moment. Making her look at it. “Keep your mouth closed.” He then pushed closer and the tip of his penis caressed her cheeks, first the right and then the left. It hardened, and he slipped it under her chin. His length brushed her throat and her lips were up against his pubic hair when he asked, “How long until your boss returns?”

“Twenty minutes,” was her muffled answer.

“Hands in your lap and open your mouth.” He pushed his erection into her mouth, gently at first.

As he got more forceful, she began gagging on it slightly. He was not that long, but he was pushing deep into her mouth with his salty flesh.

“No drop of cum is to be spilled.”

She felt him tense just before the tart flavour of his cum filled her mouth…almost too much, but she kept it in and swallowed.

He pulled from her mouth. “Good. Now up.”

She allowed him to pull her to standing. She then allowed herself to be guided so that she was sitting on the desk. His hands pushing her skirt up until he found panties.

“Underwear…you were not to wear underwear.”

She answered, “But I wasn’t expecting you.”

“No excuse.” He pulled her back off the desk, he flipped her over and bent her forward over the desk. His hands quickly pulled her skirt back up, exposing her ass. His hand connected with the first of three solid, but bruiseless, spanks.

She moaned in pleasure.

“Do you want more?”

“Yes please, sir.”

His hand spanked her again, slightly harder, twice more. He then pushed the now damp panty aside and his reformed erection pushed inside of her. He pulled one hand around under her and fingered her clit as he pounded into her like a jack hammer.

She screamed in pleasure as he continued. She escaped with two glorious orgasms in only a few minutes. As he finished, she felt his second climax dripping into her panties as she pulled them back up.

He did up his pants and helped her steady herself back into her chair. Picking up her banana, he peeled it for her, and fed her with it. “Small bites. We do not want you gagging.”

He disposed of the peel and, without further word, he walked from the office.

One moment later, Diane’s boss walked back in. “Did I miss anything?”

“Ummmm…” It took her a moment to register the question. “No, not really.”


  1. OMG and I thought I was going insane…I have just spent the best part of 10 minutes looking for the original post. I am sooo glad I checked the comments, I was starting to think I had imaged the 1st one. LOL

    I hope you find the first post but if not, this one is fabulous too. And there was me believing the ‘I am not a natural Dom’ words I was hearing. Want the honest truth, this story made me wet and I hope there will be more.


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