Red Rain

“Red rain is pouring down
Pouring down all over me…”
– Peter Gabriel

I am sitting having one of those reminiscing evenings.

Budweiser at my right hand. The doberman guarding me from the television. The smell of chicken wings cooking. Peter Gabriel and his band performing from their 2003 Still Growing Up Tour on the DVD player.

I always found this one interesting as none of the male performers have hair.

Jed Lynch on drums. Rachel Z on keyboards. Melanie Gabriel (his daughter) on back up vocals and stunts. David Rhodes and Richard Evans on guitar and other instruments. The great Tony Levin on bass. Then, looking all grandfathery and “Captain Picard-y” is Peter himself.

When I saw this show in Toronto, it was the last big rock show in a proper rock venue that I have seen. My borther and I went in the summer of 2003.

The music just brings so many memories flooding back from that time. Hard to believe that is eight years ago. Many things happened that summer that shaped my life since that time.

It seems so long ago and yet it is not even a decade yet.

Time just keeps on slipping into the past.

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