My mood has gone in the dumper since about this time yesterday.

I really expected that I would be leaving my expenses and a letter of resignation on my current boss’ desk on Monday.

Typical, however, I was told that they were going to do something. I trusted them…read into it more than I should have…and they did nothing.

In a nutshell, I received an email from one of the potential employers that I had been speaking to in Alberta on Wednesday. It said that the contact would phone me with their decision on Friday.

I read into this as were the response going to be negative, I figured there would have been no response…or an email response saying thanks, but no thanks. So a phone call had me expecting an offer yesterday.

The call never came.

No email came either.

Now I am back to slugging at a job I am making no money at and that has treated me like crap. Hope is not lost as who knows why there was no response…there still could be an offer there. There are also two others out west, and three local that I am working on. I had just gone and done made myself all excited and ready only to have the rug pulled again.

Anyhow, thinking I will stay logged off of my usual haunts until my mood improves. Probably back around tomorrow, as these moods do not last long with me.

Anyone who needs me knows where to find me. Though I may not respond anywhere with my normal expediency. Figure I will go play with the horses for awhile.


  1. aww I am so sorry to hear you are down. I know that feeling of building yourself up only to have the rug pulled out from under you. I always refer to it as ‘the goal posts have shifted’ you are all lined up to bang the ball into the back of the net and then someone moves the fucking net.

    I hope you feel better soon and that the goal comes back into sight for you.



  2. my friend, the internet was down on friday. there was a nuke thing, an earthquake, a tsunami, Libya. didn’t someone win tim horton’s & some justin bieber thing? i mean so much going on. i do believe your email or phone call was lost in all of that. it will come. or be the squeeky wheel. i always listen to this when i am down: Social Distortion – Ball & Chain

    hang in there. will miss you till then


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