Onward And…

Yes, it is official…I have a new job. One year, to the day since I started into full throttle job search and it finally happened. Best part is there will be no move required so I can stay close to my girls.

So tomorrow I will give in my notice of two weeks and, if all goes as planned I will start April 18.

Still the same industry, so not much of a learning curve. A slight change to the product line as it will be a move from interior decorative to exterior and structural.

Tomorrow will be interesting as it all depends on how my current company views it as competition will decide whether I work for two weeks or get, in essence, a vacation. I am hoping for the latter, but unlikely.

Major advantages in that it is slightly more money…a lot less mileage on my truck…and then there will be commissions.

Since I received the phone call confirming this on late Friday afternoon, I have finally felt like writing again. I had been too distracted prior and had really stepped back the last week or so. It got to the point where I had to log off on Friday as I was starting to get frustrated waiting. In fact I was convinced, after a rather cryptic message from the recruiter on Thursday, that I wasn’t getting the job.

I figure I will be posting two or three things a day and back into the erotica. Should have some continuations on some of the stories I started recently like Dungeon and the Drinking Buddies.

Being I will not exactly be keeping my foot on the proverbial accelerator for the next two weeks, there will probably be some additions that I have yet to work out as well.

Thus, be warned, I will probably be flooding my blog as well as dropping some new writing on both Just Kinky and Fetlife over the next two weeks.

Except next weekend when my girls are around. Should be a good party when they are here. Our last two weekends have been a bit subdued as I just haven’t been in a good place.

Anyhow…onward and, well, you know. It seems I have already started working towards the upward part of that cliche.


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