Guns and God: Scary Thought on Future of North American Politics

I have not written any political commentary in awhile.

Today, Canada votes for the 41st time on our federal government.

I was, in fact, the first voter at my voting station this morning. I will get into who I voted for, and why, perhaps another time.

I will say that I had a frightening thought this morning. Before I am questioned on wording, I will admit that I did not vote for Jack Layton and Canada’s New Democratic Party (henceforth referred to as the NDP).

The NDP is, easily, the most left wing of the Canadian choices for government. The party has won on the provincial levels, but have never risen much past 20% support federally. This election, however, polls have them up over the 30% mark.

Economically, I am a right wing guy…pay your way. Pay your kids way. However, where I get screwed up is that I am quite left wing on things like religious freedoms and such.

Anyhow, I had this scary thought this morning. What happens if Laughing Jack and the NDP win the federal election and Canada’s direction veers severely left…combine that with the fact that Donald Trump seems poised to take a run at the US presidency in 2012.

So we would have an extreme left leadership in Canuckdom and an extreme right POTUS. A near socialist Canada and a US controlled by the Tea Party.

Let this sink in for a moment as American tanks roll across the Canadian border in an effort to secure the Alberta Tar Sands.

I cannot speak to the odds of Trump becoming POTUS, but I have doubts Jack Layton becomes Prime Minister of Canada.

At least I hope I am right on the latter. In Canada, any other party win and this likely does not happen as even our Liberals will bow to what is happening in the US.

As for the Trump and Tea Party issue, I re-watched V for Vendetta last week. Take out the character of V himself, and I wonder if that could be where a Tea Party controlled US could be heading. Many would say it to be unrealistic, but with guns and God on their side…

“Guns and God are forever…”
– Lawrence Gowan

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