A Story of a Giant

“Traffic on Martin Park Avenue is at a standstill due to a flipped over auto in the centre lane,” the radio reported.

Walter rolled his eyes. Luckily, he had no appointments scheduled.

The authoritative radio voice was replaced by Eddie Van Halen strumming the opening notes on “Right Now”.

Walter tapped his hands on the steering wheel in appreciation of the beat. He drove a white four door Chevy Optra that was almost ten years old. It was a decent vehicle, though Walter was always paranoid about finding it harder to get parts being the model was no longer manufactured.

Sammy Hagar began crooning along with Eddie’s guitar.

Walter sat his large frame on a bucket seat covered in gray fabric. He glanced in the back seat at the two booster seats and smiled.

There was a small blonde, blue eyed plastic doll sitting beside one of the boosters that smiled back at him.

His attention returned to the near motionless cars around him. Between rubber necking and one lane being lost, this was going to take awhile. Walter thumbed at his gps to see if there was an alternate route. Due to the road running along the side of a river, there were no other options that would get him across.

Chad Kroeger began singing about feeling way too damned good.

“At least it isn’t sunny.” Walter looked up at the overcast skies. The first drops of rain appeared on the windshield. Working on a sunny day from his car always felt like he was an ant under a magnifying glass. He always preferred the cooler, rainy summer days as the rain also helped kill the humidity.

A car horn complained up ahead.

Glancing to his right, Walter noticed a brunette glancing at him. She was in a gray Toyota Matrix.

Her eyes quickly shot away after the brief connection.

Walter felt his face flush. He was almost 50 and had heart concerns due to his weight. His near seven foot height hid the weight well, but he was not able to climb stairs quickly without needing to catch his breath. His hair was brown with gray streaks and a matching goatee. His own eyes were the same blue as the doll in the back seat.

The brunette kept her eyes away for a few moments. Glancing back, she caught his eyes again and grinned before quickly evading. Her eyes were big and brown.

Walter guessed she was half his age. Due to being in the car, he was uncertain but she looked rather slim. Her hair disappeared behind her shoulders against the seat.

Her hand covered her grin and she glanced away again.

Walter waited with one eye on the car in front of him, and one eye on the brunette. He checked his ring finger and found the wedding ring mark was long gone. “After two years, it should be,” he mumbled. He leaned back and his right arm stretched to a rest on the top of the passenger seat.

The brunette’s brown eyes found his again.

He waved and said, “Hi.” Knowing she could not hear, he felt a bit foolish. His face flushed even further, seeing her reaction.

She smiled, waved back and then rolled down the driver window on the Matrix. She waved her hand downwards, encouraging Walter to lower his passenger window.

He used the console on his door to follow her instructions.

Without the glare of the windows he got a much better look at her. She had an Asian look to her eyes and smooth skin. Her smile was beautiful.

Walter had an image of a collar around her neck and her on her knees in front of him wearing nothing but a leather bra and underwear.

She called from her window, “Hi!”


The rain picked up just slightly and tapped heavier on the open window frame.

She glanced ahead before continuing, “Could I buy you a coffee?” She pointed ahead at the donut and coffee shop just ahead on the right.

This was not the question Walter had been expecting. He took a moment to compute a proper answer, “Sure.”

She nodded, “Cool.”

She was young, he thought. He was not sure why she would want to talk to him, but he had nothing to lose.

It took twenty minutes as they inched forward, but Walter was able to move his Optra into the lane behind her and followed her into the packed parking lot. With no parking spots, he followed her around the lot until she found a back entrance that led onto a tiny residential street. A quick glance at his gps showed this would take him backwards.

She pulled her Matrix over and got out. Her body was gorgeous. Slim with some serious curves. She wore a pink blouse over a black skirt and

The skies above got a bit darker.

Walter pulled up behind her, leaving enough room for a driveway cut out. He un-latched his seat belt and stepped out. His gray slacks swayed beneath a light blue shirt and navy tie.

Her eyes widened further seeing Walter’s height. Her car was under a tree, protecting her from the rain. She smiled at him and offered her hand to the giant. “I’m Alexa.”

He shook her tiny hand. “Walter. Did you want to walk back for coffee?”

Thunder boomed overhead and darker clouds dropped the light level.

“No,” she shook her head. “It looks to busy.”

Walter glanced back at the parking lot entrance and nodded. He pointed back from the direction they had been coming and said, “There is another coffee…”

“I don’t want coffee.”

“Oh, okay.”

She grinned. “I want to fuck you blind.”

“Excuse me?” Walter, again, had not expected to hear these words.

Alexa giggled.

Walter thought for a moment, completely unsure of what to say.

Alexa’s face turned to concern. “I’m sorry. I just…”

Walter interrupted, “No need to be sorry. I’m willing. I just was not expecting such a goddess, as yourself, to proposition me.”

She smiled. “I saw you in the car. I like men a bit older than I am, what can I say? And now that I have seen how big you are…”

Walter was no longer blushing. His mind had adjusted and was now on home turf again. “How far away do you live?”

She grinned. “I’m just visiting a friend. My place is a four hour flight.”

Walter nodded and worked on an idea. “With this traffic, we’re an hour from my place. However…” His eyes wandered up and down her body. “How adventurous are you?”

Her smile answered without words.

“Follow me,” he said. He walked to her car door and opened it for her. “We won’t be going far.”

She slipped back into her car and waited for Walter’s Optra to pass.

He checked his gps and found the park just down the road. Earlier he had caught a hint of green on the tiny screen, so he knew it was a large area.

There were washrooms up the path, and trees everywhere. Lightning flashed above and showed a few covered picnic areas back amongst the trees.

Walter parked and got out. Again opening her door, he helped her out.

“What did you have in mind?” she asked.

“No more words, just enjoy and obey.”

Her face smiled even more brightly at the word ‘obey’.

Thunder roared.

He offered his arm and led her down the path towards the covered picnic areas. The rain started pelting causing the couple to move more hurriedly.

They were both soaked by the time they arrived at the shelter. The shelter covered four picnic tables and two open grills.

The sky darkened further until more lightning flashed.

Alexa obeyed with no words.

Walter commanded with a deep baritone voice, “Sit.”

Alexa sat on the benches of one of the picnic tables.

Walter looked around to check for any potential voyeurs. Seeing none, he stood in front of her and pulled down his zipper.

Thunder announced itself again.

Alexa gasped realizing that his member was relative to his height. Even with both her hands on him, she could not cover his complete length. She licked her lips and stroked, awaiting further instructions. “Please, sir?” she asked in a whisper.

Walter was annoyed she had spoken, at first. He quickly decided not to explore that anger as such opportunities were too rare to give up for such a faux pas. Instead, he nodded.

Lightning lit the now near night darkness.

She smiled and kissed the very tip of his now erect penis. She then lifted the erection and suckled his balls.


Walter gasped and steadied himself.

More lightning flashed and the rain picked up intensity.

Alexa then sucked just the tip into her mouth. Slowly pulling his length in, more and more.

Walter lace his right hand through the hair on the back of her head and pulled her gently further. He was very impressed that she did not gag and took him whole. He was also fascinated with the big brown eyes that locked with his as she did it. The biggest surprise came when he felt her wet tongue slip out and, once again, play with his balls.

Thunder rumbled its approval of the show.

For ten minutes, Alexa worked at milking him. She alternated licking around his cock as she stroked and taking his length fully in again. As she took him deep again, he orgasmed and felt her suction on his cock as she swallowed the entire load.

Walter gasped and regrouped for a moment.

Thunder now followed almost directly after the lightning flashes.

Walter picked up the tiny Asian goddess and sat her on top of the picnic table. Lifting her skirt, he found black panties in the way which he ripped with little effort.

Alexa giggled at his action.

Lightning and thunder applauded as well.

Walter then bent down and his tongue explored between her legs. Her clit was sweet and plump as he sucked it into his mouth. His hands first untucked her blouse and reached up under it to massage her breasts.

Lightning and thunder continued to watch as Alexa started squirming.

Releasing her breasts, Walter clamped his hands on her hips to stop the squirming.

Alexa began screaming her pleasure, barely audible over the intense rain and continual thunder.

Walter stood and lifted her with his hands still on her hips.

She wrapped her legs around him and hung on with her head only reaching to near his armpits.

Walter seated himself back on the picnic table with her on top. His hands then reached down and squeezed her ass, lifting her.

Alexa reached down and guided his massive cock, hard again, inside her. She slowly lowered herself on him, afraid he would simply be too big. Before much longer, she was smashing herself down onto him to the beat of the near constant lightning and thunder.

Walter felt his cock nearing climax. He stopped and pushed her off of him. He then bent her over the table and hammered into her from behind with his right hand a vice on her hip and his left pulling her head back with her hair. His cum filled her as she screamed with her pleasure.

She fell forward on the table as Walter released her. Her screams started anew as his mouth returned to her pussy and sucked out their mixed juices.

An hour later, after the rain had finally let up, Walter opened her car door for her. “M’lady.”

Alexa got on her tip toes, for the good it did her.

Walter bent down to accept the kiss which was sweet, wet and passionate.

“Thank you, m’lord,” she said with a slight mock. “May I see you again?”

Walter crinkled his brow. “You said you weren’t from here.”

“I’m here looking for work, so hopefully will be back soon. Even so, might I take your phone number?”

He agreed with a smile and recited his number as she entered it into her phone.

She kissed him once more before slipping into her Matrix, and pulling off into the darkness.

Walter smiled and felt alive. He hoped she would get that job as now he really wanted to see her with that collar on.


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