Best Reunion Ever!


She stopped. “What?”

“That ambulance?” He was still flat on his back between the bed and the window.

Her answer was punctuated with the door clicking shut behind her.

“Guess a ride to the bus station is out of the question then?” Gray whimpered to the empty room.

almost 19 years later

“You look fantastic.”

Gwen smiled and took a sip from her red wine. “You look great to, Gray. Still sculpted like a god but seems you have a little snow on top.”

Gray smiled back and took a swig from his beer bottle. “I like to think it is a distinguished look.”

Both laughed. The couple was in the same hotel room that Gwen had left Gray, with his broken left leg years before. The curtains were open to an empty, since renamed, Rogers Centre…or Jolly Roger Centre as Gray liked to call it. The room looked nothing at all like either remembered as the artwork and colour scheme had been changed.

Gwen put the wine glass down, rolled over and kissed his flaccid penis. “I’ve missed this.”

Gray kept his beer in his right hand and his left laced into her red curls to pull her mouth on him.

She sucked him hard before taking her mouth off of him and stroking lightly with her left hand. Her right hand played with the tip of his cock, squeezing and stretching so she could study it.

“I’m sure you’ve had plenty of cock. A gorgeous dame like you…”

“Dame?” She grinned over his erection. “I don’t think I have ever been called a dame before. Of course I’ve had plenty of cock. Sex is an addiction I am happy to admit to.” She sucked his cock back into her mouth.

“An addiction I enjoy as well,” Gray gasped and took another swig of beer.

Gwen rolled off and picked up her wine. She sat up on the headboard beside Gray. She sipped using her right hand, her left still lightly stroking his erection.

Gray took another swig and turned towards her. His lips and tongue gave her a shocking cold when he suckled her left nipple. “Gorgeous,” he murmured as he moved across to the right. He then rolled over and straddled her long muscled legs. “Still the athlete, I see.” He then took the half full beer bottle and poured it down her chest.

Gwen gasped.

Gray’s tongue searched out all the beer tracks that ran down her chest and to her navel. “You make the beer taste better.”

She playfully smacked his head. “Fucking tease. Eat me.”

“Yes, maam.”

She took his empty bottle and put it on the side table. Pushing him off of her, she straddled his face as he lay flat on the bed. She sipped her wine as her left hand played with the dark salt and pepper hair of the man she was smothering with her pussy.

Gray loved the sweet taste of her and was good with his breath control.

Gwen refilled her wine from the bottle on the side table. She then poured some wine onto her pelvic area to add flavour for him.


“Like that?” she gasped the question.

“Mmmm hmmmm.”

She reached over and grabbed a fresh beer bottle and cracked it open. “Come up for air, darlin'” She put the bottle down and released Gray from the death grip of her legs.

He sat back up, his goatee now glistening from her wet, and picked up the new beer.

Gwen pulled a condom from the table and skillfully slipped it on him. She then straddled him again and slid his cock into her. “Mmmm…yes. I’ve missed this cock.”

Gray enjoyed the warmth, beer in right hand and his left on her hip. “I don’t think we ever used a condom, though. And, if you missed it, why did you never come back when I was here? You knew I came back to Toronto every so often.”

“I was busy with someone.” She rested her arms on his shoulders and linked her wrists behind his neck.

Gray smiled. “Oh? A serious relationship?” He felt his orgasm approaching.

“Yeah, someone had to raise your son.”

Gray’s eyes widened and his mouth fell open. The beer fell from his hand and the three quarter full bottle emptied onto the bed. His erection wilted. “Son?”

Gwen nodded and grinned. “He’s with his girlfriend in the next room. I’ll introduce you at dinner. Assuming we go for dinner.” She leaned down and kissed him.


    1. Much too kind, m’lady…This is, I think, chapter 15 of Gray’s stories (I actually killed him, so this is a bit back in time). If you go back and check some of the others out, I suspect you’ll find the ending was inevitable.

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