Best Limo Ever!

“Thanks for flying with us.” The tall blonde, blue-eyed flight attendant grinned at Ham as he walked off the plane. Her skirt was not quite as crisply pressed as it should have been.

Ham smiled back. He hoped he had gotten all of her lipstick off his face and neck. During the four hour flight from Toronto to Calgary, he had become bored and decided to experiment. His hypothesis had been correct about which attendant to flirt with.

He walked up to the terminal and was immediately impressed with how dry the air felt. “It’s a dry cold,” he said to himself. He was not sure how to feel as he walked through the airport. Only three weeks before he had met his father for the first time. It had gone pretty well, and a plan to visit later in the summer had been formed. Instead, he got the call from a stepmother he did not know saying that his father was killed during a business trip. The funeral was in two days.

A sprinting redhead caught his attention as she ran and then jumped into the arms of her lover.

“I know this scene,” he said. “Die Hard. Fucking California…or fucking Calgary. Fucking where ever.”.

A tall thin limo driver waited for him with “Mr. Herald” printed on his sign. The man’s head appeared bald under his hat. His sunglasses hid his eyes. Odd, but the driver could have passed as another Bruce Willis.

“I’m Ham Herald.”

The driver looked at the young man in the green hoody and blue jeans. “Oh? No luggage, sir?”

“My dad is ‘sir’…well, was sir. And no luggage.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No worries. Just call me Ham.”

The driver shook Ham’s hand. “Can I take your backpack?”

“No, I’m good. My computer never leaves my person.”

The driver led him towards the car.

Ham spotted the blonde flight attendant walking through the terminal. “Hold on a second.” He walked away from the driver and caught her attention. “Rebecca, need a ride?”

She blushed and quickly recovered. She noticed the driver of the limo standing awkwardly awaiting the boy. “Okay.”

The driver then took her suitcase and led the couple out into the parking lot. He opened the rear door of the stretch and went to put the attendant’s suitcase in the trunk.

Rebecca looked around the interior as she unbuttoned the top buttons of her shirt. “This is yours?”

“Helps owning an IPO.”

“So it does.” She straddled him and kissed him deeply. Her skirt rode up immediately as she began dry humping the erection growing in his pants.

“Where can I take you?”

She gasped, “Heaven. Your tongue was fantastic, but I still haven’t seen that cock.”

Ham rolled his eyes. “Granted,, but more seriously we have to give the driver a place.”

She giggled into his shoulder.

The car jostled as the driver got in. He turned to face the couple and his brows raised above his sunglasses.

Rebecca looked at him over her shoulder. “99 Fairmont Dr Southeast, please. That would be Southland and Fairmont.”

The driver nodded and the glass between his seat and the back started to raise.

“You can leave it down, if you like,” Rebecca surprised both men with this statement.

The window stopped for a moment.

“Just don’t crash us,” Rebecca added.

The window lowered back down.

So did Ham’s zipper on his jeans as Rebecca tugged on it. She gasped as she flipped his underwear off of it and discovered just how large this member was.

Grace, Ham’s step mother, would later be the only person alive to know that Ham did not inherit his father’s penis size.

Rebecca grasped it with her left hand as she slipped off to Ham’s left. “Seemed unfair, earlier, that I didn’t get to return the favour on the plane.” Her mouth could not take his entire length.
At the size, even the driver accidentally whispered, “Wow.”

Ham squeezed her ass with his left hand and brushed her hair back with his right. He was pleased to see she had not put the panties back on that he had taken off in the plane lavatory. Her blowjob was okay as, Ham figured, she was too nervous and probably too inexperienced.

After a few minutes, she gave up the effort and straddled him again. “My husband is going to kill me.” Slowly, she lowered herself onto his monster. She began moaning almost immediately.
The driver gasped from the front, but the car remained steady.

Ham was enjoying the view enough as it was. Then, however, he had his first view of the Rocky Mountain peaks to the west of Calgary. He had not expected his first gorgeous view of them to be over the shoulder of a blonde, twice his age, fucking him in the limo from the airport. He made a mental note of posting something about how surreal the moment was on his blog later. He did not think Rebecca would appreciate him pulling out his Blackberry to do it now.

“Fuck me,” she started yelling and hammering her fists into Ham’s shoulders as she fucked him. She slammed up and down like a piston.

The car braked to a stop. “We’re here,” the driver informed with a broken voice. He still only watched in the mirror.

Rebecca slowed and turned over her shoulder. “Just a sec.” She then picked her pace up even further. She screamed her orgasm.

As though he had planned it, Ham’s cock followed with his orgasm blasting into her.

Rebecca slipped slowly off of him and, as she twisted back to her seat, lost her footing. Her leg flipped over the front seat and her stiletto heel connected square with the driver’s jaw.

The driver’s head flew forward and hit the horn on the steering wheel. “Shit!”

“Yow!” Rebecca cringed in pain.

The driver, other than a cut on his chin seemed fine. Rebecca, however, believed she had broken a bone in her foot.

Luckily, her husband was not home. The driver helped her limp up the walk and Ham carried up her suitcase.

“I’m so sorry,” Ham said for about the thousandth time.

The driver grunted and left her at the door as she searched for her keys. He turned and went back to the car.

Rebecca found her key and quickly opened the door. “Sweety, no worries.” She grabbed his crotch and gave one last light squeeze. “You’ve made my year. Can I call you?”

Ham handed her a card. “Anytime you’re staying in Toronto.”


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