Make a Decision!

There are those who say that women want to be loved, and men want to make love. Nice and simplistic black and white way to look at it…but complete bullshit.

Everyone wants to be loved.

The problem is that not all share the same definition of the word ‘love’.

Too many have fallen prey to the Disney fairy tale definition where it should be completely romantic and last forever. Others have become deluded in feeling that love comes from respect which could come from anything from intimidation to awe.

Like so many other things, this difference is caused by shades of gray.

Shades of gray should be banned.

One is either with or against…there is not “but” nor “if”.

Think of how much easier it is knowing that a woman is either pregnant or not. There is no in between, thus making it much easier to pigeon hole her. Similarly, one is either alive or dead.

It is much more difficult when people can be yelling, speaking, talking, whispering, mumbling, or listening…fucking make a decision. Either talk or mumble…nothing else.

Back to the theory on love, there must be standards. If a man thinks of a woman as he passes a lingerie store, that should qualify as love…it would not matter if the woman he thinks of is an actress in a Star Wars film that he found alluring as a slug had her pimped out in BDSM gear, and that the woman is no longer anything like that in looks, and that she was never like that in attitude, and that the man is married four times with eight children he is paying for. It is still love.

See. Much easier!

Send thanks for this simplification later. Now, for lunch…hamburger or hot dog…THERE IS NO SALAD!!!

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