Conference of Two

“I hate this.” Linda pushed her dirty blonde hair around her left ear.

“Only an hour until lunch. One more speaker,,” Phyllis pointed out. Her brunette hair was in a bun. Her light blue dress gave most the image of Noel Neill as Lois Lane..

“Do you think I could eat him?” Linda nodded gently to her left.

Phyllis followed the nod. “Who, the AV guy?”

Linda nodded with her blue eyes fastened on the young mans pecks being emphasized through his tight red tee shirt. His black slacks looked good, but Linda would have preferred tight jeans so she could see what he had to offer.

“He’d be good, but he’s so young.”

“Energy would be good.”

“Sure, but probably all ego and no experience.”

“Twenty bucks?” Linda asked and pushed her glasses back up her nose.

Phyllis watched the next speaker walk up the aisle past her. “No bet. I know better.”

The speaker was one of the company share holders and, over the next hour, he proceeded to put half of the room to sleep. He discussed the excitement of what sales could do to share prices and how the share holders wanted to encourage all staff to sell more.

Linda was able to keep awake by giggling to herself watching John Johnson, two rows ahead, as his head kept dipping as he nodded off.

Phyllis fell asleep and, near the end, got an elbow from Linda when she started snoring.

The standing ovation was more out of want to stand and stretch than anyone in the group caring about what was actually said. Telling commissioned sales people to sell more always seemed redundant.

Linda grinned and looked at Phyllis over her glasses. “Last chance, Phyllis. Twenty dollars on Adonis over there.”

“Fine, twenty bucks says you can’t.”

Linda laughed. “We could do twenty on who gets him first.”

Phyllis gave her a mocking glare. “My husband wouldn’t appreciate the joke.”

Linda playfully pushed Phyllis’ shoulder. “Alright, back in a bit.”

“Don’t let him cum too quickly.”

Linda walked from their spot and up the auditorium stairs to where the computer techs were already working on getting the visuals ready for the afternoon. She stopped in front of the computer where the young man sat.

He had buzz cut black hair and big blue eyes behind his glasses. His name tag suggested his name was Troy.

“Hi,” Linda greeted.

Troy glanced up at Linda allowing his eyes to quickly sweep over her tight body in the navy skirt and suit jacket. “Hi, can I help you?”

“I’m Linda.”

A smile appeared. “Oh, hi, Linda. I’m Troy. The boss has stepped off for some lunch, but George will want to thank you for the job here.”

“Could you point him out to me in the lunchroom?”

Troy glanced at his screen and tapped a couple of keys. “Jamie, can you finish this?”

Jamie was a young black man, dressed similar to Troy but in a red shirt. “You got it.”

Troy stood and his eyes met Linda’s. “If you would come with me.”

“I plan to.”

“I’m sorry?” Troy’s eyes squinted.

“Lead on, McDuff.”

Troy led her out of the auditorium.

As they were passing the coat room, Linda stopped. “You know, if I’m going to grab lunch I need my wallet.” She quickly unlocked the door.

Troy followed her into the room. The coats lined the walls on each side with a desk at the far end.

Linda went to her coat and pretended to search the pockets. “Damn,” she whispered.

Troy guessed the problem. “Can I buy you a drink?”

“No, that’s alright. You could give me one, though.”

Troy blinked at her. “I’m sorry.”

“Close the door, Troy.”

He did as instructed and the door locked behind him.

She slowly walked back over to him and her hands quickly found the button on his jeans. “You married, Troy?”

“No, maam.”

“Girlfriend?” Linda pulled the zipper down.


Linda pushed his pants to his knees. She then dropped to her knees in front of him. “I’m gonna blow her away, Troy.”

Troy flashed a big smile as her hand slipped into his briefs. “I have no doubt.”

Phyllis left the lunchroom with a can of Coke in hand. Most of those at the conference stayed in the lunchroom, so she slowly walked back down the hall to the auditorium. She was alone when she heard the first scream.

Panic set in.

Phyllis ran to the door where the sound was coming from and quickly realized the scream was not one of fear or danger as it was repeated.


Phyllis slumped and quickly fished a twenty dollar bill from her purse.


Phyllis turned her back to the door and leaned against it. She cracked open her pop can and slipped a straw in. She almost chocked on her first sip as the next scream sounded.


Phyllis listened for another moment before continuing her journey back to the auditorium. She left the twenty on Linda’s book.

Ten minutes later a few people started to filter back into the auditorium.

Linda returned with five minutes to go. Her face glowed with a big smile. She laughed when she saw the money on her book. “Not enough.”

Phyllis cocked her brown eyes up at her. “Why?”

Linda held up three fingers. “Three times. Should be sixty, no?”

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