Rich Getting Richer

Was listening to a sports radio station out of Buffalo, as per my usual work day schedule.  Before people tune off…this is not a sports take, just using a sports example…in fact, this is a golf reference and this particular author would rather watch paint dry than watch or participate in golf.

Frightening stat came up on ESPN’s The Herd from Colin Cowherd.

In 1975, the average household was taking home almost $12k per year.  In 2004 the household was making roughly $44k per year.  In 2009, the average was around $49k per year.

2004 is mentioned as that was when Arnold Palmer retired after being once considered the world’s best golfer.  According to Wikipedia, he made $1,861,857 in winnings over his 53 year career.  So, on average, Mr. Palmer made around $35k per year.  According to Cowher’s ESPN comments, he estimates that Arnold was making about four times that of the average household income of the time.

Tiger Woods is no longer considered the best golfer in the world…at least for the moment.  He became a professional back in 1996 and, according to Yahoo Sports, he has amassed $90.5 million in winnings and endorsements…in 2010 alone.  Even after his wife chased him with a golf club and he has not won a tourney since.

Pretty simple math shows that Tiger is making around 1800 times what the average family makes.

By the way…that’s average family, not average person, so includes more than one wage earner.

Question is how can this jump in the gap between the average household and the richest athletes/entertainers be justified?  This is but one example, and there are many.

No doubt Phil Donohue made peanuts when compared to Oprah.

Carey Grant likely would not be able to afford to attend one of Tom Hanks’ movies.

Something is out of whack.  Were these teachers or surgeons, there would be less of an issue…but these jobs are strictly for entertainment purposes only.

Just look at all those hungry mouths we have to feed
Take a look at all the suffering we breed
So many lonely faces scattered all around
Searching for what they need

Is this the world we created
we made it on our own
Is this the world we invaded
Against the law
So it seems in the end
Is this what we’re all living for today
The world that we created.

– Queen, Is This The World That We Created?…and Freddie Mercury, no doubt, was not paid like Lady Gaga…and considering his superior talent when compared to her’s…


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