Sight Impaired

“Who’s there?”

Bev tested her bindings. They were giving no play.

The tapping of boot heels was the only clue she had as to where he was. The clicking heels circled the wooden chair she was tied to.

Warm breath on her right ear was followed by his whispered voice, “Do not try to escape.”

Her heartbeat accelerated and she tried to keep the smile from her face. She imagined Randy’s blue eyes trained on her. No doubt he was in nothing but his black sweat pants and boots.

Bev’s own green eyes were behind a silk scarf being used as a blindfold. Her own thigh high boots creaked every time she shifted. At least, this time, when Randy tied her up he made sure her brunette curls was not stuck behind her in the chair.

The crack of the horse whip against the wall made her jump again. She could not help from smile, this time, but knew Randy did not see it as his heels clicked the cement floor behind her.

“What do you want?” The question came with warm breath on her left ear.

“To please you, sir,” she answered quietly.

The heels circled in front of her and a hand pinched her left nipple. “How would you please me?”

“However you wish…”

The whip cracked again. “Specifics. I want an answer.”

“I would suck your cock.”


“Accept your cum in my mouth and on my face,” she continued.


“And then bring you to orgasm, again, in my pussy.” She felt the tip of the whip run down from the top of her right shoulder and over her right breast.

“What if I want more?”

“I am willing to do your bidding,” she answered without hesitation.

He took a larger breath to keep from reacting to the tickling sensation.  “You would allow me to watch you with another partner?”


He chuckled.  “Excellent.”  The heels clicked to a stop behind her.

She jumped once more when a hand touched her right knee first.  Then her left, and the hands spread her legs.  “Who?”

The voice returned from behind her, “Quiet now, just enjoy.”

Her legs spread and she felt warm breath on her pussy.  Confusion set in as Randy was the only one in the room with her, or so she thought.  The hands on his legs were not his, however.  Though strong and confident, the hands were daintier than his massive paws.  Bev did moan when a tongue flicked at her pussy once…twice…and again…

The full mouth was now lapping between her legs.  Licking and exploring as Bev pulled against her restraints.

Randy’s voice was just to one side now, “That’s beautiful.”

Bev saw the flash of his camera, like lightning under her blindfold.

The mystery person’s fingers and tongue continued their exploration of Bev just when Amy decided to announce her presence with an infant scream.

“Damn,” Randy said.

The tongue stopped and the mystery person’s arms folded on Bev’s lap.

Bev felt her bindings released quickly, and the blindfold was removed.  The single light in the cement basement blinded her, at first.  Then, to her surprise, her friend Margaret smiled up at her.

“Hey, babe,” Margaret greeted her, got up and kissed her deeply before helping Bev to her feet.  Margaret was in nothing but a black bra, panties, and slippers.

“You?”  Bev always had a slight crush on Margaret, as her husband knew, but did not realize Margaret would even do such a thing as she had always seemed the vanilla sort.  Bev turned to Randy, “How did you…?”

He put a finger to his lips.  He was dressed exactly as Bev had expected.  “Our dom calls, it seems.  I got this one…you two…”  His eyes flashed before continuing, “…do whatever you do.  Just warm each other up for me.”


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