Sex is Comedy

Made a discovery last night and this morning.

Humour is the one thing that would sell better than sex.  Problem is, not many can do good humour…sex is, actually, much easier.

George Carlin

We can all have sex, right?  Masturbate or with partner(s)…but we can all do it.  Thanks to religious stigmas that want humans to never feel pleasure unless by “God’s” rules, it is taboo enough to tweak people’s imagination, thus it sells better than anything else.

However, we cannot all do comedy.  How many stand-up wannabes get booed off the stage at some no-name club in downtown Bumfuck, Utah?  Humour…or comedy…when done well, makes people laugh and smile.

  • Unlike sex, no one regrets laughing after they go home.
  • Laughing does not lead to unwanted pregnancies…well, not directly, at least.

    Suze Randall
  • Laughter does not cause STDs…again, not directly at least, where sex certainly does.

When we compare the comedy world to pornography, there are some pretty obvious differences in the standards.

  • Pornstars require a more appealing physical appearance than comedians…although Ron Jeremy does prove this is not always the case.  Any comedian trying to get by on looks instead of material may last for a brief time, but not long.
  • Comedians require more intellect than pornstars.  Not suggesting all pornstars are lemon-heads, but generally speaking it is not required.
  • Comedians…good comedians…tend to have longer careers than pornstars.  Again, see the STDs mentioned above, plus not all pornstars age as well as Janine Lindemulder and Rocco Siffredi who are considered seniors by pornography standards as they are both in their 40s.  George Carlin continued on into his 70s before passing away, and not sure any pornstars could even dream of lasting that long…in front of the camera, at least, as Suze Randall at 65 could still be working a very long time behind the camera yet, but that is something else entirely.

So, last night I posted a rather haphazard post fueled by a couple of good Canadian beers and finding myself yawning through the seventh Harry Potter film…so I needed a laugh.  It was about “What to Yell During Sex“, specifically if one is atheist, and I have had more direct response in the last 15 hours on that post than I have had on anything I have put on this blog.  This has reminded me where my voice lies.

  • I enjoy writing the erotica.  Some of it is good, some of it is okay, some of it…well, not so good.  One of the two pieces I actually have sold was erotica.
  • I enjoy writing fiction.  The other piece I have sold was science fantasy.  Again, I find my stories are hit and miss in this realm.
  • I enjoy writing humour.  Much as I enjoy hearing a woman moan in orgasm that I have helped her to…I prefer the sound of many people laughing at something I have done or thought of.  I believe, this is where I am most successful as I can adjust this to a level that works both for my kids as well as adults.

My voice is somewhere combining all three of these, and I have gotten away from this as of late.  If anything, I have been focusing mostly on the erotica the last bit and it is time to take a slight step back…not a big step.  Probably will be posting more of the erotica in an absurd, hopefully humorous light.  Will definitely go back to posting more shorter observation type pieces like last night’s.  I would never suggest I have the comedy of Carlin, nor the erotic eye of Randall…not even to suggest I am a happy medium between them, but I am somewhere in between.

This is not a statement about me losing myself or anything over dramatic like that.  Let’s call this more an audible at the line and, though the posts I have been writing have worked, I am going to try to change it up to something that has worked better.  I will still throw in the strictly erotic or fiction, just not as often.  My evolution as a writer has gone a slight bit past it’s strongest point…and any atheist knows, only the strong survive.

Anyhow, thanks for reading…have a good day…nothing to see here…go about your business…may the force be with you.


  1. I strongly beleive that it is possible to combine humour and erotica together to make a brilliant post/story/etc… And it is what I try to write into every erotic peice I write as that is what my sex life is like. Lots of sex and way too much laughing.

    Good luck!!! I look forward to reading what you write!!!

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