Slave to Fashion

Why is it that men’s clothes are so much easier to fold than women’s?  Is this by intelligent design, knowing that men are laundry impaired?

With underwear, for example. Guys boxers…fold them once and in the drawer…boom, done. Women’s delicates, however, with all the frilly bits, straps and lace…not so much. How exactly does one fold a bra? In my 40 years, I have only master unclasping one…not folding it.

Besides, taking women’s clothes off is much more fun. Taking them off her, I mean…so, again we can get to the boom. Besides, women’s underwear…all underwear simply gets in the way of the boom.

Taking them off men…well, this author does not swing that way, so not much fun. Taking them off myself…I did do Halloween in 1982 in drag, but still not the same and this will never happen again.

Laundry tends to make me wish I was one of these more aggressive guys that could rip clothes off of her. That way, laundry is avoided as she would simply have to buy new clothes. Then again, would have to rip it to the point that sewing is not an option.

Do not get me started on sewing. That only leads to pain, screaming and tears that even sex cannot justify. Not like boots…those high boots with the stiletto heels…those, a guy can justify the pain.

Again, all in order to get to the boom.

To paraphrase an old cliche, a woman’s skirt is much like the curtains at the theatre. It might look fetching, but people get more excited as it rises. I will admit, folding a skirt does not concern me. I can figure that out. Skirts, however, at my place rarely end up folded…they usually end up scattered somewhere in a path of clothing piles towards the bed.

Now…do not get me started on ironing…


  1. Oh! I love to iron!!!!

    But otherwise I agree with you. I am a woman, and I’ve no idea how to fold knickers. I open a drawer and chuck them in because I’ve no idea how to fold them. Try packing bras. Now that is a pain in the arse. Especially if you have larger breasts? They need one of those little gadgets that you press a button? And Voila!!!!!! Folded!!!

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