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I was looking at the “referrers” stat a bit earlier.  A bit of a shock when I call up the stat from “all-time” on this one.

Seems I owe thanks for somewhere between a third and a half of my blog traffic to my friend Molly who blogs at Molly’s Daily Kiss.  I probably owe her thanks for more than half of my traffic as I am certain some of my Twitter traffic probably followed my Twitter feed after finding me on her site in the first place.

The woman has become a friend over the last few months.  Two reasons it will never be more than that…first, she is owned by a very lucky dom, and second…I can’t swim that far.  She does not tend to write fiction, but some of her posts are hotter than any of the fantasy ones that I have come up with.  I would post a picture from her site…but, no…click on her site (again at Molly’s Daily Kiss) as she’ll appreciate whatever little bit of traffic I might send her way.  Be warned if you do not understand the BDSM or dom/sub way of things…she may be a submissive to her man, but she is a very strong woman.

Molly and I first crossed paths on Twitter right about the time I started this blog.  I am not certain why she bothered talking to a bloke like me, but she claims I am a writer…I’ve been paid twice, so I guess I am a professional with the $40 I have made writing over the past twenty years…but that still seems like an exaggeration.  She introduced me to another site, Just Kinky, that she assists on and spurred me on to a significant bit of the writing you see here.

I had not mentioned this to her, but I was published last back in 1998 by, of all things, a church magazine for a spiritual sci/fi story I had written.  A bit ironic considering I have recently declared myself atheist, but I digress…previous to that, I received a $10 cheque for an erotic piece I had written back in university…call it 1991 or so.  After my first daughter was were born, I stopped writing much at all.  I cannot say specifically why, but the last year I began to dabble again.  Thanks to Molly’s urging back in November, I began to take it a bit more seriously.

Thus, here we are.

Not certain I will ever make money on this “writing thing” again, but I am writing a minimum of about 1000 words a day now.  You nice folks probably only see half of what I write, if that…I am my own worst critic, and most of what I write dies before posting.  Again I will digress for a moment, but I even started a second blog strictly about sports…but this blog is the only one I have a passion for and finally had to kill that one as it was a wasted effort.

One day, I would like to meet Molly…funny how a woman I have never met has inspired me here…and her owner, Michael (to keep me in check, of course).  But, as they say, if wishes were horses, all babes would ride ponies.

Speaking of wishes…I wish it would snow O_o


  1. I don’t know what to say….. and that doesnt happen often I can tell you. Your words are too kind but if, in some small way, I have encouraged the writing machine that is Stranded then I am delighted, I shall chalk that down as a good job well done.

    There are so many writers and bloggers out there, too many of them are trying to sell something for my liking, I like a blog that is just putting it’s stuff out there to see what reaction it gets, or using it as a place to share and unload. I know that many of us would one day like to see our names in print or a few pennies back from our labours but I believe that for people like you and me, that is the icing on the cake, it is not what motivates us.

    I am honoured to be called your friend, you have been a good friend in return and if you do ever come to the UK I will be well pissy if you don’t come and see me.

    Thank you again for the shout out and kind words… are a star!

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