Practice…Practice…Practice. PLEASE!!!

First time trying this Wank Wednesday thing, so be gentle…


“So…how did I do?” She looked up with her big blue eyes.

Tom gasped and looked down with his brown eyes.  His skin was wrinkled enough without squinting, but he did that as well.  “Not bad…not bad.  I think we try it again, though.”

Alex nodded.  “You have more?”

Tom’s rolled his head around stretching out his long neck.  In his prime, he had been a weight lifter and still had the muscles…just not the sculpture anymore.  Beads of sweat rolled down his face and bare chest.  “Of course.  You need practice, so I have plenty.”

Alex smiled.  She was half Tom’s age and size.  Her four and a half foot body was too short for her to do this from the floor, so instead she knelt upon a read sofa cushion on top of a small step stool.  “Okay, where?”  She stood up and looked around.  Her long pony tailed blonde hair hit Tom half way up her chest as she did this.

Tom wanted to be pulling on that pony tail, but that was not his lot today.  “Drawer, under the phone.”

She padded over, her tiny bare feet making little slaps on the kitchen tile.  “Thanks so much with your help.  I don’t know how I could have figured this out with out you.”

He shrugged and picked up a bottled water from the counter.  “Any good friend would help.”  He took a drink and the bottle crinkled into a freeze dried form as he sucked out every last drop.  “While you’re over there, could you get me another water from the fridge, please?”

She pulled open the drawer.  “Of course.”  She stopped looking and went to the fridge to find his drink.  Bringing him over a fresh bottle she smiled and said, “It looks like you need this before we continue.”

Tom nodded.

Alex went back to the drawer.  “Paul would be very disappointed if I couldn’t do this tonight, so this is fantastic.”

Tom nodded again, and drained the new bottle in one long swig.

“Ah, here we are.  Wow, you got a full box.”

“Lots of practice,” he said.  “You need lots of practice.”

“Apparently, you don’t mind, either.” She offered a sly grin as she set the box beside him on the counter.  Back down to her knees on the cushion, she pulled one package from the box.  She looked at Tom’s naked body and smiled broadly, “…and to think, I don’t even have to get you hard this time.”

Tom chuckled.

Alex ripped the package open.  Taking the tuby bit, as she called it, in her mouth, she slipped the rubber over the head of his erection before rolling it the rest of the way by keeping her teeth just tight enough to push it.

Tom allowed one hand on the back of her head, this time.  “One can never get enough practice,” he whispered.



  1. Welcome to Wank Wednesday my friend. I am delighted to find you joining in. You have such a unique writing style that I think lends itself well wank wednesday and as you said yourself…..practice makes perfect! *grins


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