The Greeks Invented Everything

An online friend once claimed this in a post somewhere.

The Greeks lay claim to many things over the years from currency to erotica to democracy…as well as so many other things.

Considering how some seem to feel about these three things, perhaps this was not a good idea to invent them. Should God not keep the faithful from requiring any of these?

Then again, the Greeks did not invent either Christianity, nor Islam. However, one might argue that Greeks did invent modern atheism. Seems a touch ironic that Earth’s best and brightest would choose not to believe in alleged holy scriptures as commissioned by the Romans.

Admittedly, the Greeks seem to have a touch of a black eye currently thanks to the entire labor union thing. Considering what the Greeks have given the world, perhaps the world should pay them back with early retirements and pensions. One could argue that the Industrial Revolution brought about the labor union…not a Greek idea and one that currently is much more headache than anything.

Say what one will, the world was a better place before Rome took the reigns. Then the British and the Americans after them could not seem to get things back. No doubt the Greeks had their issues…and they must have been the ones who taught the Romans to orgy (causing what today is known as Catholic guilt…which the Greeks probably saw coming and thought it would be hilarious to watch the Romans suffer through that).

Look at how the world is today…
The Swiss are the leaders in money…who invented money?
The Americans are the leaders in democracy…who invented democracy?
The Chinese and Irish are tied for the world lead in being short…who invented comedy in order to make fun of such things?
The Canadians and Germans are first and second in beer drinking (and as to who is first all depends on if it is Oktober or hockey season)…someone had to slow German efficiencies at some point, didn’t they? And the Canadians are simply too funny, especially drunk, so there is the comedy bit again.

The Greeks, of course, gave us all this and so much more.

Without Greek sensibilities, George W. Bush would have been nowhere near as funny.
Without Greek salad, half of the Americans would have no idea what the word ‘Greek’ even means.

So, in conclusion, the Greeks should be thanked for all their inventions and for distracting Americans. It helps allow the rest of the world to get on with the gods work…HAIL ZEUS!!!


  1. Who invented money? Mesopotamians ?
    who invented democracy? Mesopotamians, Indians .. & Greeks
    Who invented comedy in order to make fun of such things? You must be Greek to think Greeks invented comedy ! Oldest joke is Sumerian. !

    1. Nope…Irish Canadian…and you must be Mesopotamian to be taking this post seriously…be curious if you even noticed the back handed US insults. Actually, comedy was perfected by Canadians…we only let Sumerians and Greeks think they invented it.

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