O Canada

Today is Canada’s 144th birthday.

In celebration, my daughters and I are watching Johnny English. Nothing and no one says Canada Day like Rowan Atkinson.

Fireworks…actual fireworks tonight as no frying pans shall be hitting daddy in the head, this time. The last time the firemen had a good laugh as they brought the jaws of life in to get the doberman out of the oven.

Hot dogs for lunch, shortly…I mean, what can go wrong with those, right? The doberman now knows better than to come in the kitchen as food is being burned…er…cooked. The burns have healed nicely, at least.

So the usual horse riding lesson, Sims marathons, and dog walks. Nothing too serious.

Anyhow…whoops…the doberman just burned his paw in the hot dog pot…

Destiny cries the words of ‘gotta go’…and ‘may all your daughters be born with three bottoms’…see Johnny English for the last reference.

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