John McLane of Die Hard fame
Han Solo...don't pretend you don't know him

I am scraping my “Song of the Week” and replacing it with this…a poll that I will post once a week on somewhat random-ish type things.

So, for the first of my top ten polls…

Who is the best rogue?

By definition, rogue is:  An unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person; a scoundrel or rascal. 2. One who is playfully mischievous; a scamp. 3. A wandering beggar;  a vagrant.

Both Starbucks...whether man or woman
Jack Burton saving redheads everywhere
The Prince of Thieves

Well, we all know the line from The Empire Strikes Back where Han Solo believes Leia thinks he is a “scoundrel”.  Sam Malone and Kahn, likely the only time those two will ever get mentioned together, are both playfully mischievous at times.  How about the Starbucks?…and yes, there are two as Starbuck was a ‘he’ in the original Battlestar Galactica, but a ‘she’ in the reimagined version.  Jayne Cobb was not the only rogue on Serenity, but likely the best choice for this poll.  How about the Prince of Thieves from the old Xena series?  What about Big Trouble in Little China’s Jack Burton?  Even Hell Boy is a rogue when you think about it.  This will not be a landslide, either, if ole’ Captain Jack has anything to say about it.

Jayne Cobb..."Let's be bad guys."
Kahn...but I can't yell it as well as Jim Kirk did
Sam Malone probably forgot your name

So of the list of ten, who do you pick?  Enter your pick in the poll below from this lot…even if I missed one which no doubt I missed a few obvious ones, but let me know about them in the comments.

Captain Jack Sparrow...could be the smartest pirate I've ever seen


  1. Hard to pick between Han Solo, Prince of Thieves and Captain Jack Sparrow. Each has that roguishness with something that still makes them human and kind of lovable in spite of your common sense telling you better.

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